Now a park in Hyderabad in memory of Covid19 martyrs

A unique park to commemorate those who lost their lives due to Covid-19 was inaugurated in Hyderabad on Sunday. Haritam Park, an initiative of the Covid Warriors in collaboration with the Telangana Government, has appeared at the Panchavati Colony on Jalan Number 10, Banjara Hills.

Dozens of Covid fighters joined their relatives and friends who died from Covid to plant the seeds.

Some people have tied inscriptions to plants in memory of their near and dear ones. “I miss you grandpa”, “I miss you my friend”, “We all miss you my brothers,” read some notes.

The park was developed by a group of Covid campaigners in collaboration with the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) and the Forestry Service as a tribute to those who succumbed to the pandemic.

The park, which will also have walking trails and benches, will be maintained by GHMC for one year and then by volunteers.

The plantation action under the state government’s greening initiative, Harita Haram, was launched on Sunday in the presence of British Deputy High Commissioner Andrew Fleming, member of Rajya Sabha Santosh Kumar, founder of the Green India Challenge and MLA D. Nagender.

They planted trees in memory of those who died from Covid. “I think it’s a fantastic way to remember them while doing something good for the state of Telangana,” Fleming said.

He described the ongoing work to make Telangana cleaner and greener as an inspiration and said that over the past five years he had noticed that many places in the state had become greener.

According to Charan, one of the program coordinators, this park to commemorate the victims of Covid was the idea of ​​dr. Shantha Tutham, Telangana Head of Innovation, Natasha Ramaratnam and Sri. The government helps them with space and plants.

Charan thanked everyone who participated in the plantation program and supported it. “A day full of emotions and tears of joy seeing all of you participate in the nursery. We are done with phase one and details of phase two will be announced soon,” Charan tweeted.

He said the campaign will continue to be carried out in stages in special locations and will be coordinated with many NGOs and volunteers.

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Several Covid fighters from other regions have also joined this program. One of them is Sheikh Rafiq. “As each tree grows, Healing Trees aims to highlight the inseparable b/w relationship between humans and the planet, as a sign of respect for the victims of the virus and as a sign of environmental commitment to future generations.” Also trying to tell the world to bring a positive message of hope,” the Covid volunteer tweeted.