North Texas Shoppers Turn Out Early for Christmas Shopping Season

With the official start of Black Friday and the Christmas marketing season just a week later and the resurgence of the Dallas Kayomega Christmas market after the pandemic, Christmas spending at the night market is high on the weekends.

“We were so excited to meet face to face, which means the market is still alive and I feel really good after a virtual year,” said Hillary Dooley. On the phone.

“I’ve seen more early buyers than ever before,” says friendly owner Curly Seal.

It was another madness that Seal had in retail for 14 years.

“I think people are ready, which means they seem a little disappointed with last year’s holiday,” he said.

The excitement could be one of the driving forces behind record retail and hospitality sales of $638 billion in October, well above last year’s levels.

Economists say this is a sign that the Christmas cheer has not been undermined by the highest inflation in decades.

For shoppers like Stephanie Moore and Telisa Shelin, the lack of a supply chain puts added pressure to check listings faster than usual.

“When I still didn’t have a list with Santa, when I was trying to figure out what I was trying to do for all the kids, and when I saw them, I tried to get creative and pick something up. If it’s you, it’s a lot of guesswork,” Sherin said.

Many got out early, but the National Retail Federation predicts that the early excitement is just the start of a previously record-breaking holiday season.

We just expect sales to increase from November to December while waiting for Santa Claus to arrive.