Putrajaya: Once face-to-face training begins, the Ministry of Education (MES) will not prohibit students who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 from attending school.

Deputy Minister of Education I. Datuk Dr. Mah Hung Soon (pictured) He said it is possible for students to refuse to be vaccinated, but their numbers are low because their parents don’t want their children to be vaccinated.

“Every student has the right to study and attend school. There is no reason for the Ministry of Education and Science to prevent people from returning to school (without vaccination). In particular the parents who were consulted because it was not students who refused vaccination, but their parents who refused vaccination,” he said together with the Deputy for National Vaccination Protection for Youth Against Covid-19 at a media conference about the program. (OPTIONS). . Minister of Health I, Datuk Dr. Only Azmi Ghazali, here today.

He said the Department of Defense, through the District Education Office (PPD), had directed schools across the country to expedite Pick Kishor’s appointment permit to ensure its success.

He said MES will take several approaches to educate parents about the need for vaccinations for their safety and to protect their children from severe COVID-19 infection.

“The Ministry of Education and Science stands ready to help parents and schools achieve this goal. MES plans to send various promotional materials to parents and schools to help them achieve their goals. The Ministry of Education and Science is planning to send out various brochures to help parents get accurate information so they can consent to their children receiving the vaccine,” he said.

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