Nine MBBS students booked under Anti-Ragging Act in Indore

Madhya Pradesh Police have arrested nine senior medical students under the Anti-Ragging-2009 Act for allegedly engaging in forcing juniors to commit lewd acts and use abusive language against female students under the pretext of molestation.

The incident was reported at MGM College in Indore on Sunday and came to light after a group of young medical students alerted the Grand University Commission (UGC) anti-anger hotline on Tuesday.

Based on this information, the police registered a case against an older MBBS student under the IPC section dealing with obscenity and criminal intimidation, in addition to the provisions of the Anti-Hagging Act-2009.

Police said they had identified nine older MBBS students so far.

“So far, nine older MGM College MBBS students have been identified as suspects involved in the alleged abuse of their juniors. Notices were also issued to at least 98 younger students under Section 161 of the CrPC to record their statements of alleged abuse,” a person said. senior police officials told IANS on Thursday.

The juniors unanimously filed complaints and provided audiovisual evidence, including WhatsApp chats.

According to the ad, the younger students were locked in an apartment and their cell phones confiscated. They were forced to do sit-ups, hit each other so hard that the voices were loud and clear, perform sexual acts with pillows or with party partners, and were forced to make rude comments about their partners.

According to the complaint, the youths were tortured for up to five hours per visit at a house near the campus. They have been warned by seniors not to report the case to the authorities or “their five years of college will be ruined”.

The students said that instead of helping them, some professors pushed the bums out. “There are instances where professors say that memos are necessary for personal development,” the complaint reads.