NFT was popular than crypto in 2021 according to Google Trending

According to Google Trends data from 2021, “NFT” is more in demand than “crypto” or certain cryptocurrencies. While it is impossible to separate NFT from the wider crypto world, this data actually shows that the indispensable token is more popular among consumers than mainstream cryptocurrencies.

The popularity of NFTs is increasing in 2021. NFTs have been around for almost 5 years, but they are really becoming more popular in 2021. For example, NFT sales were $340 million in 2020. It’s already over $10 billion this year. The monthly sales volume of NFT this year is greater than the total sales volume in 2020.

This increasing popularity is due to the growing interest in digital assets. NFT can be integrated into almost any digital space. Virtual games integrate digital assets for a more attractive reward and competition system. Facebook recently announced that its Metaverse will support NFT. Instagram is also developing plans to introduce a dedicated NFT area for content creators. read also spider man no way home movie download filmyzilla

People are now buying digital art which is irreplaceable over physical painting. Many NFT projects support community projects and worthy causes. So it’s no surprise that the irreplaceable token has surpassed the popularity of crypto this year.

NFT trends to watch for in 2022
In 2022, the NFT will take a whole new direction. Since the evolution of the meta universe will begin in full in 2022, irreplaceable tokens will be used in many different sectors. We already see digital real estate assets that will continue to grow in 2022. read also spider man no way home movie download 720p

As game tokenization increases, the use of NFT will increase with more sophisticated and sophisticated games using indispensable assets as part of their reward and competition system. Game studio AAA Ubisoft released its own NFT platform Quartz this month. Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint is the first Ubisoft game to offer irreplaceable tokens. This is an indication that this concept will continue to be introduced in future Ubisoft games, perhaps Assassin’s Creed or Far Cry.

In 2022 we will also see more artists using the indispensable platform. Several applications are under development that will allow artists to present themselves as NFT personalities and host virtual concerts. We can expect more celebrities and artists to come to this space in 2022.