Crypto Industry Players Likely to Meet Government Officials to Discuss Roadmap

Government officials invite senior stakeholders to crypto meetings. A number of crypto-based companies including CoinSwitch Kuber, CoinDCX, WazirX and the Crypto Assets Council (BACC) will attend the meeting. The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Finance will host the conference on 15 November. The Lok Sabha Secretariat has informed stakeholders about this meeting in a formal communication. … Read more

Microsoft Surface Studio 2

In May, Uber launched a new experiment: selling train and bus tickets through its app to its customers in Denver, Colorado. The company announced today that it has sold more than 1,200 tickets for the city’s regional transit district, which operates Denver’s public transportation system. Uber Transit, the company’s ticketing feature, rolled out to a … Read more

iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini Review: Progress Isn’t Always Exciting

We expect major improvements in each new generation of phones from different manufacturers. The industry is in a phase where smartphones can’t do much about it – our personal devices now handle text and video communications, music, movies, games, web browsing, news, social networking, banking, health tracking and smart devices. Management and even random phone … Read more

Apple to Release Software Update for iPhone 13 to Allow Third-Party Screen Replacements Without Breaking Face ID

Recently, the iPhone 13 was found to completely disable its Face ID feature when a user switches the screen to a third party. This particular move by Apple is considered intentional and is one of its last-ditch attempts to limit third-party bug fixes. The Cupertino-based company now appears to be addressing concerns about strict repair … Read more

HSBC and IBM create successful multi-ledger CBDC demo 2021

HSBC and IBM announced a breakthrough in the development of a multi-book central bank digital currency display (CBDC). The breakthrough comes after a new token trial and digital wallet agreement for two CBDCs. Tests include CBDC, currency and bonds. R3 Corda is at the core of transaction prediction in distributed books. Bank of France has … Read more

For $700 Million, Is Putting Its Name on the Staples Center

Then, during the decline in cryptocurrency prices, Mr. Marshalek decided to change the name Monaco. He contacted Matt Blaze, a professor of cryptography at the University of Pennsylvania who owned the domain name for 25 years. During this time, Mr. Blaze refused to part with the web address and was publicly insulted. New digital … Read more

Brazil Nationals Get New Visa Crypto Card as DeFi Culture Witnesses Expansion

Hong Kong-based digital asset exchange has started issuing Visa crypto cards to consumers in Brazil. Consumers who apply for and receive the card will not be charged monthly, annual fees, or withdrawing money from ATMs, the company said. Unlike regular Visa credit cards that offer lines of credit, this Visa crypto card is prepaid … Read more

PUBG is getting mountain bikes 2021

Krafton added mountain bikes to PlayerUnknown’s battlegrounds so you can fire up your bike right away and everyone else will be last. Mountain Bike Update 15.1, which is on the test server at the time of writing, with an improved Sanhock map and various weapon changes. You may find a folded mountain bike in every … Read more

Reasons Patientory is the Best dApp for Patients

In the era of smart devices and mobile apps, people are bombarded with a large number of lifestyle apps. The problem with lifestyle and medical applications is that they create information silos. A fitness app that specializes in one area such as bodyweight apps, hip apps, and jump rope apps. Tracking and monitoring fitness, nutrition, … Read more

Swiggy To Invest $700 Million In Grocery Delivery Service Instamart

Softbank-backed startup Swiggy announced Thursday it will invest $700 million in grocery delivery service Instamart to strengthen its base in the highly competitive domestic market. Instagram first launched in Bengaluru and Gurgaon last year and will have a total annual performance of $1 billion over the next three quarters, Suigi said. The service, which covers … Read more


New Delhi: To build on better products, global smartphone brand OnePlus announced on Wednesday that it has decided to deepen integration with its sister smartphone brand, Oppo. In an official message from the forum, OnePlus founder and CEO Pete Lau said that it would allow them to be more efficient, for example, offering faster and … Read more

Nissan Rebounds From Pandemic Impact Despite Chip Crunch Triples Profit Forecast

Nissan doubled its full-year net income forecast on Tuesday, anticipating challenges such as chip damage and rising commodity prices as the company returns to strong quarterly performance amid the impact of the epidemic. The Japanese auto giant has faced numerous lawsuits in recent years, ranging from low demand to the arrest of former boss Carlos … Read more

The EU Blacklist And The Pandora Paper

Tax Records reporter Sarah Paes discusses the potential impact of the recently released Pandora document on the EU tax haven blacklist. This transcript has been edited for length and clarity. David D. Stewart: Welcome to the podcast. I’m David Stewart, Editor-in-Chief of Today’s International Tax Revenue. This week: back to the blacklist. On October 3, … Read more

Low Maintenance Fuel Efficient Vehicles To Sustain

Keeping vehicles economical and affordable in the long term due to rising fuel prices Only cars with high fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs mostly fall into the 100,000 rupee category as fuel prices have risen 35% since July 2020, making driving even more impossible. It is expected to attract more domestic buyers, especially for … Read more