New York City to Phase Out Its Gifted and Talented Program

The mayor’s plans for the future of gifted children are similar to a 2019 proposal from a working group he convened on school integration measures. This is a plan that has been largely ignored in the past. Friday’s announcement will be good news for many activists who say the current talent system is outdated and unfair.

There is no doubt that the public protests of these supporters played a part in the mayor’s decision, but more importantly, with nearly eight years of personal pressure from the three mayoral school prime ministers. There is one class that is skeptical of any talent, if not all.

The mayor’s first female prime minister, Carmen Farinha, abolished talent classes at Manhattan Elementary School, where she was principal for a long time. The second prime minister, Richard A. Calanza, was dissatisfied with his belief that early in the year the mayor was reluctant to take bold action for the education of the gifted and talented. Make peace with.

De Blasio’s announcement was a major change for New York, but not a trailblazer. Many areas across the country are far from segregating children based on perceived academic achievement, and research does not support the New York practice of dividing 4-year-olds into gifted classes. There is broad agreement between them.

According to experts, labeling students as gifted and excluding students from public education exacerbates divisions, drains the resources of regular public schools and educates all other students. He often loses weight. School.

However, it is difficult to teach children with various skills in the classroom. However, much of the success of the plan hinged on the city’s approach to teacher training.

Michael Mulgrew, president of the Federation of Union Teachers, said he was confident the final details of the plan would be decided by the next government. Mulgroo, who has repeatedly called for the cancellation of individual talent classes for children from kindergarten through second grade, can still have some primary school children despite new plans from the mayor. He said he thought he would be categorized.