New Top Federal Prosecutors in Manhattan and Brooklyn Are Confirmed

According to the office of Senator Chuck Schumer, the US Senate approved Damian Williams as the new US attorney in the Southern District of New York Tuesday night. I did America.

This Manhattan-based service handles complex cases of fraud, terrorism and public corruption. This includes the recent arrival of former President Donald Trump’s inner circle. Williams, 41, has been a prosecutor in the South for nearly a decade and most recently ran the Wall Street fraud investigation unit.

Also Tuesday evening, the Senate confirmed Breon S. Peace, a private attorney, as head of the Brooklyn Attorney’s Office known as the Eastern District, Sumer’s office said.

The Eastern District charged prominent defendants such as singer R. Kelly with racketeering in a trial last month and charged Mexico’s notorious drug trafficking organization El Chapo in 2019.

Peace, also black, is a partner at Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton. He had served as district attorney in the Eastern District and was an employee of Judge Sterling Johnson Jr. in US District Court in Brooklyn.

President Biden nominated Williams and Mir in August after being nominated by Sumer, the leader of the Democratic majority and a senior member of the State Party in New York. Traditionally, when electing American lawyers and judges, the president leaves out high-ranking party members in each state.

“Both Damian Williams and Breon Peace have devoted their careers to equality before the law,” Schumer said in a statement late Tuesday. “They brought the rule of law, civil rights and the spirit of justice to their respective positions and brought integrity and deep experience to their office.”

Williams will lead the Southern District in preparation for next month’s hottest sex-trafficking litigation from Jeffrey Epstein’s longtime friend, Gisline Maxwell. (He pleaded not guilty.)

Williams will also oversee Trump’s ongoing investigation into Rudolf W. Giuliani, a former New York mayor and attorney, over businesses in Ukraine ahead of the 2020 presidential election. Giuliani, a former federal attorney in Manhattan, has denied wrongdoing.

Williams, a graduate of Yale Law School, represented Merrick B. Garland when he was a Judge on the Washington Federal Court of Appeals and Judge John Paul Stevens on the Supreme Court. Serve. (Mr. Garland is currently the Attorney General of the United States.)

In the east, Mir inherited the allegations from Trump’s friend and ally, Thomas J. Barak Jr., who was accused in July of lobbying for rights abuses and obstruction of justice. Mr Barrack pleaded not guilty.

The Eastern District also has its own investigations, including by Giuliani, into whether current and former Ukrainian officials provided him with misleading information in an attempt to interfere in last year’s presidential election. We we Giuliani are not the subject of investigation, reports the New York Times.

I, a graduate of New York University law school, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Williams declined to speak through a spokesman for the southern neighborhood.

The confirmation from Williams and Peace was meant to provide stability to their office, which has undergone rapid changes at the top under Trump.

Two of the last four US prosecutors in the Southern District were fired during the Trump administration. Jeffrey S. Berman, who refused to resign when William P. Barr, then United States Attorney General, tried to replace him with a politician, was recently fired. Ally. The Times also reported that Barr and other senior court officials had attempted to intervene in several incidents and larger investigations in the southern district.

Berman’s assistant, Audrey Strauss, who was promoted to the top after being released, has led the office for more than a year.

In the Eastern Conference, Peace is the eighth US attorney since President Obama promoted Loretta E. Lynch to US attorney general in 2015.

I replace Jacqueline M. Caslis, an Office veteran who practices law in the United States.

Before Mr. Mir, the other three black lawyers in Brooklyn are American lawyers. Among them was Lynch, who served twice before becoming chief prosecutor.

On September 30, the Senate approved Trini E. Ross as a federal prosecutor in Buffalo. There he was a longtime federal prosecutor and most recently held a leading position at the National Science Foundation’s Inspector General.

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