New details of Trumps pressure on the Justice Department over the election

But especially in interviews with Mr Rosen and Mr Donogyu, who both met on January 3 in the Oval Office, it reveals new details that underscore the intensity and cruelty that Mr Aim committed at the end of the election and the role Government officials have gambled in their endeavours.

The report highlights the role of Jeffrey Clark, a little-known Justice Department official who was involved in several discussions with Trump about how to proceed with the election and who sent letters to his superiors in Georgia. Where the Department of Justice falsely claims. Identifying “significant concerns that could affect election results”. Mr Trump is considering replacing Mr Rosen with Mr Clark.

Of particular note is the January 2 confrontation in which Mr Clark threatened Mr Rosen and forced him to send a letter to Mr Rosen. He first discussed the possibility that Trump would fire Rosen and then said he would reject any proposal to replace Rosen as acting attorney general if Rosen sent the letter. During the meeting, Mr. Clark also announced that he had been secretly interviewing witnesses in connection with previously denied fraud charges in Georgia.

The report raises new questions about the role of Pennsylvania Republican lawmaker Scott Perry in the White House’s efforts to pressure the Justice Department to postpone the election. The report said that Mr Perry called Mr Donoghue to pressure him to investigate allegations of electoral fraud in Pennsylvania and that he complained to Mr Donoghue that the Justice Department was not doing enough to investigate the allegations.

He did The report said that Mr Clark also told officials that he joined the White House effort at Mr Perry’s request and that lawmakers took him to a meeting in the Oval Office to see if he could discuss voter fraud. The meeting came around the same time that Perry and Conservative MPs met at the White House to discuss confirmation of the January 6 election results.

The report confirms that Mr. Trump is the reason why Mr. Pack hastily relinquished his role as a US attorney in Atlanta, an area Trump mistakenly told the people he won. Mr Trump told senior court officials that Mr Pack was never Trump and blamed Pack for the FBI’s failure to find evidence of large-scale election fraud.

During the January 3 battle in the Oval Office, Donoghue and others tried to convince Trump not to fire Pak because he planned to step down in a few days. But Trump made it clear to officials that Pack had to leave the next day, which prompted Donoghue to call him later that night and say he should resign first. Mr Trump went beyond the usual line of succession to pursue the alleged loyalist Bobby L. Christine to run for the Atlanta office. Mr Christine is a US attorney in Savannah who has donated to Trump’s election campaign.

The report was not the Senate Judiciary Committee’s final word on the printing campaign that took place between December 14, when Attorney General William P. Barr announced his resignation, and January 6, when Trump supporters fought for certification to be blocked. . Choose.

The panel is still waiting to submit documents from the national archives, calendar appointments and White House announcements related to election sabotage. He asked the National Archives, which archives correspondence and documents from the previous president’s administration, for records this spring.

He also waited for Clark to sit down for an interview and help share missing details about what happened to the Trump administration in the White House over the past few weeks. The Commission also asked the Washington Bar Association to open a disciplinary investigation into Clark based on its findings.

The report recommends that the Department of Justice tighten procedures when it can take concrete steps to investigate electoral fraud. As attorney general, the report said Barr undermined the agency’s decades-long policy of not investigating fraud cases until elections were proven, a move that would have prevented federal investigations from faltering. is to stop. election results.