My Daily Routine Essay | My Daily Routine Paragraph In English

My Daily Routine Essay | My Daily Routine Paragraph In English: In our student life, we all have to follow a strict routine to get better results in learning and health. We can manage our time better when we follow our daily routines. Here we have some short and long essays on my daily life routine for all the students in the class. This attachment is for each size, you can find the right one for you.

My Daily Routine Essay

I am a student. I follow a simple routine in my daily life. I usually wake up at 5:30 am and go for a morning walk. I spent about an hour on the pitch doing the exercises. Then I go home. Quick stop, sit down to read around 7am. I study, write and do my homework until 9:45 am.

I don’t allow fear during training. I went to the river to swim. Our course starts at 11am. I arrived at school at least 10 minutes early and put my things in the front row. As soon as the holiday bell rang, we rushed out of our rooms like caged birds. When I get home in the afternoon I eat lunch and go to the field to play cricket and football.

When it gets dark I go home and freshen up. Then I sat back down to read. At 10 pm I usually have dinner until 10:30 pm. I will sleep for tonight. But I don’t follow the routine on Sundays. Because it’s a holiday, a holiday.

My Daily Routine Paragraph In English

My daily life is very simple. As a student, I have to live my life in a certain window of time to maintain all my daily activities. I wake up early and do exercise to keep my body fit and active. Morning exercise refreshes me and gives me energy for the whole day. I came home and drank a glass of milk and some dried fruit.

My Daily Routine Essay
My Daily Routine Essay

Then I read the newspaper for ten minutes to find out what is happening in the world, which is very important. Then I had breakfast and packed my bag for school. I enjoyed breakfast with my family and had a great time. Then I get ready for school. Then I go to school and I always try to be on time because punctuality is a very important habit.

I pay attention in all classes, eat snacks and then go home. I washed my hands and feet thoroughly and changed clothes. Then I sat down for lunch. After lunch I took a short break to relax my mind and body. In the evening I drink milk and eat. Sometimes I help my mother make snacks and tea.

After dinner I sat down to study and do all my homework. After college, my whole family sat together and had dinner. Then I went to bed earlier so I could wake up earlier. This is my daily routine.

My Daily Routine Essay in 400, 500 Words

If you want to get the best out of your work, you need to manage your time well. And time management becomes very easy when you follow the daily routine. As a student, I follow a very strict but simple routine and it helps me a lot to improve my studies and other things. Today I will share everything about my routine.

My daily routine:

My day starts very early. I wake up at 4 am. I usually wake up very late, but when I heard about the health benefits of getting up early, I started getting up early. Then I brushed my teeth and went for a morning walk.

I really like walking because it helps me feel good in the morning. Sometimes I also do some basic exercises. Then I take a shower and have breakfast. Then I prepare my homework. I like to study math and science in the morning.

Because I can concentrate better during this time. I get ready for school at 9 and my mother drops me there at 9:30. I spend most of my time at school. I had lunch there during the school holidays.

I came back from school at 3:30 pm and then rested for 30 minutes. In the afternoon I like to play cricket. But I can’t play every day.

My afternoon and evening routine:

When I come home after the game on the pitch, I feel very tired. Then I take a shower and rest for 30 minutes. I eat juice or something my mother prepared for me. I started studying at 18.30.

I usually read until 9:30 am. This is the most important part of my research. I did all my homework and did some extra activities. And then I have dinner and watch TV before going to bed.


That’s all for my daily life. I always try to follow this routine. But sometimes I need to make some changes to the routine. And when I have days off and days off from school, I can’t follow this routine at all. I think this routine helps me use my time for the best work and complete my schoolwork properly.

7 Lines Essay on My Daily Routine

10-line essays are easy and short. Here is a 10 lines essay on my daily routine. I am sure you will be able to learn these 10 lines essay easily.

1. A person who follows a good routine can handle his work and time properly. It’s easy to manage your time when you are on a routine.

2. It’s a high priority for the students. And that’s why I follow a very simple routine to manage my time.

3. My daily routine is very easy and simple. It helps me to study properly, eat on time, and take care of my health.

4. I get up early in the morning and pray first. My mother always suggests me to pray in the early morning.

5. And then I go for a morning walk. After a 30 minute walk, I come back home and go for a bath and then I eat my breakfast.

6. I go to school at 9 o’clock and get back home at 3 o’clock. I eat my lunch in the school break time. I keep my food with me.

7. I go outside to play cricket with my friends in the afternoon. I enjoy that time a lot. I think that’s the best part of my day.