More Economic Consequences of the Pandemic 2021

The break is upsetting for applicants like Afshana Pervin, a Bangladeshi restaurant and catering company who lives in Queens with two children. With a loan from a friend and with the help of the state organization Jackson Heights DRUM’s Food Pantry, she applied for funds hoping to pay off her debt.

However, he was unable to determine his identity to start the application process. His passport had expired and it took several months to replace it.

“I can’t go up against my colleagues and friends and tell them they can’t get the money back,” he said.

“It’s New York Time”
To attract overseas tourists, the city’s Tourism Board will spend $6 million on the New York time campaign.

NYC & Company hopes the campaign comes just in time to save the holiday season at the end of the year. Messages on signs in London and several other cities have grown from “New York is lonely without you” to “New York is ready for you”.

Many New Yorkers are laying off tourists, but official estimates suggest they were a staple of the city’s economy before the pandemic, costing $47 billion a year. NYC & Company expects about half this year. Tourism also helped employ 280,000 people before the pandemic, officials said.

The estimated attendance (34.6 million this year) is more than half of the 2019 record. But this year only 2.8 million people came from overseas, about 20 percent from two years ago.

Hotels and restaurants have received a boost with the resumption of The Dark Theater on Broadway in March 2020. Charlotte St. Martin, chairman of the Broadway League, a trade association with more than 700 members, including theater owners and producers, sold out or nearly booked 77 shows in September.