Mississippi Threatens to Sue Brett Favre Over $828000

Mississippi honors Hall of Fame defender Brett Favre as her hero, according to state auditors, and if she doesn’t return $828,000 in payments within 30 days, she will pay it this week. Threatening to judge.

Favre is one of more than 10 people sent a letter by state auditor Shad White demanding tens of millions of dollars back in connection with a large-scale fraudulent social failure program. before.

In May 2020, a stringent audit allowed Mississippi to use millions of dollars in poverty alleviation, not to serve the poor in any way, and to replace it with two nonprofits. Lobbyists have spent money on football tickets, religious concerts and fitness programs for state lawmakers.

The plan includes a former Mississippi Division of Human Services executive accused of defrauding taxpayers into creating false invoices in a conspiracy with Mississippi Community Education Center managers and the center’s accountants. This led to criminal complaints against six people. Favre is free of charge.

Former managing director John Davis has paid $96.3 million (including interest) for his role in approving more than $77 million in illegal social spending, according to White.

Mr White said Faber, 52, received $1.1 million from the Mississippi Community Education Center for a show he had never been to. Payments received in December 2017 and June 2018 were paid for with government social subsidies, White said.

According to White Fabre, he did not know that the money should be given to poor families. Auditors said Faber paid $500,000 to White’s office in May 2020 and agreed to pay the remaining $600,000 over the next few months.

But Mr Fabre never paid the rest, said Mr White. In Tuesday’s letter, the auditor asked Mr. Fabre to pay a balance of $600,000 for 30 days and an additional $228,000 in interest. Otherwise, he will have to file a lawsuit.

“It’s time for taxpayers to try to get back what was lost,” White said in a statement.

This letter is addressed to Favre, Favre Enterprises and business partner Robert L. Culumber. A spokesperson for Favre did not immediately respond to Wednesday’s announcement, but Culumber did.

Growing up in Mississippi and playing football at the University of Southern Mississippi, Faber has spent 20 seasons in the National Football League. Most of them were the Green Bay Packers, who won Super Bowl XXXI in 1997.

In a series of tweets last year, Fave wrote that she appeared in an advert for the Mississippi resource center, a welfare recipient. He also said he never received money for commitments he failed to fulfill.

“I repeat what auditors and board member White said, but I didn’t know that any money was being paid out of funds not intended for that purpose, so I’m going to return the entire amount to Mississippi,” Faber said. Posted in May 2020