Meta Antitrust Lawsuit Should Be Allowed by Court to Proceed

The US Federal Trade Commission said Wednesday that a federal court should rule on a condemnation motion against Facebook because the company “intervened in competitive proceedings by targeting threats to newborns through exclusive behavior.”

In August, the Federal Trade Commission updated a condemnation motion against Facebook, now Meta Platform, adding details about allegations that the social media company destroyed or bought out competitors and asked judges to sell Instagram and WhatsApp.

The case is one of the biggest challenges the Federal Trade Commission has faced tech companies in decades, and is being watched closely by Washington to capitalize on the wider tech market opportunity.

Before the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, the Federal Trade Commission held that Facebook’s market share — for example, more than 70 percent of daily active users — had exceeded the level required to establish monopoly power for more than a decade.

It said Facebook was trying to maintain its monopoly by buying photo-sharing app Instagram and WhatsApp app for secure messaging.

“The FTC has again raised the issue of monopoly without monopoly. His allegations ignore the fact that people have more opportunities than ever to share, connect and communicate and, as before, both complaints should be dismissed,” a meta spokesperson said in a statement.

The FTC alleged that Facebook wrongly asked President Lina Hahn to abstain from approving the amended complaint. The FTC said it was filed before being nominated to the committee and that the court, not the committee, would decide the case.

Facebook said Khan was biased against the case because of his previous work.

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