Met police announces review into standards and internal culture after jailing of Wayne Couzens

Sofia Police have launched an investigation into their “internal professional and cultural standards” after police officers were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Sarah Ebarad.

Commissioner Cressida Dick said she wanted to announce a “person of interest” who would lead a review of “research into training, leadership, processes, systems and standards of conduct and the investigation of cases where managers have disappointed the public”.

“This person worked with me and challenged my leadership team and our leadership about standards, corruption, sexual harassment and how the Met reacts when things go wrong,” he said. I write according to nightly standards.

He claimed the report was “totally transparent” and “answered me” while recommendations for amendments were published.

Cressida also said she had not identified areas of interest, but an additional 650 police officers were “focused on the city center and specific areas.”

That was after Wayne Cousins ​​was sentenced to life in prison for the kidnapping, raping, and murder of Sarah Evalard.

Dozens embark on a 50-mile journey that leads to rape and murder after accidentally arresting a 33-year-old marketing director with Kovid law, police ID and handcuffs.

Evaldard was strangled and killed with a Kusen police belt.

But Ms. Cressida said: “This meeting was far from perfect”, but the leaders were “good people and doing their best”.

“You also feel angry, weak, and frustrated. “These men and women care deeply, love what they do, and take great pride in serving you,” she says.

Speaking to TV operators, the Commissioner said he and his colleagues were “outraged” and described the event as “absolutely terrifying”.

“We rely on people’s trust and become police with their consent. I know people’s trust has been undermined,” he said. People clearly have serious concerns about what they are seeing. As a result, today we have an independent person, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in terms of standards, culture and methodology that are examined. We are announcing this How do we deal with each other and with the public?

This comes after a group of women warned that they had lost faith in the military after the gruesome details of Evalard’s murder were revealed.

Labor MP Harriet Harman, mother of the House of Commons, former foreign minister and women’s minister, has called for Cressida Dam to resign.

Police guard dogs are investigating reports that Kusen was charged with public indecency in 2015, but no action has been taken.

On a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2018, senior officials acknowledged that an investigation into a former police officer had not been carried out “properly”.

Cusensu is once again openly linked to a lewd incident just days before Evaldard’s murder.

Police are gathering information from the public and fellow police officers about other crimes Kusen may have committed prior to Evalard’s murder.

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