Kuala Lumpur: No Malaysians were affected by the 6.0 magnitude quake near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, said Mazita Marzouki, Malaysian Consul General in Melbourne.

While Majita advised his Malaysian counterparts to remain calm after the natural disaster, he said the consulate general’s office in Melbourne would continue to monitor the situation.

“There have been no reports of deaths or serious injuries or involvement of Malaysians since the earthquake,” he told Burnama.

The 6.0 magnitude quake struck near Melbourne on Wednesday, calling it one of the largest earthquakes in the country, damaging buildings in the country’s second-largest city and shaking neighboring countries.

Regarding the current situation in Melbourne, the Consul General said that the current situation with basic needs, infrastructure and requirements is under control.

“Property damage was reported in Mansfield and Melbourne, with 46 claims reported. Around 35,000 residents and one hospital initially lost power but recovered quickly,” he said. However, around 779 are registered with Malaysian consulates.

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