Meesho Lucky Draw 2022, Meesho Winners List 2022, Meesho Scratch And Win Coupon Today

Dear Meesho Lucky Draw Winner customers, if you receive a call or SMS from Lucky Draw and claim to offer rewards/prizes on behalf of Online. Your first task is to determine whether they are fake or genuine from our Online Prize Department Phone Number at +91-0000000000. or Whatsapp +91-0000000000

Meesho Lucky Draw 2022
Meesho Lucky Draw 2022


We advise you to call the Meesho Lucky Draw Head Office at +91-0000000000 before paying any registration fees or taking any other action. Do not reply to such calls or messages since they only want your money. Contact our Meesho Fortunate Draw Contact Number at +91-0000000000 to learn more about the 2022 Meesho lucky winner list and prize-related details.

There is always a team of committed employees on duty. They produce all the information on Meesho Scratch and Win, prize money from lucky drawings, the list of Meesho winners for 2022, and much more.

प्रिय ग्राहक Meesho can be reached at +91 0000000000 for further information. आपको सर्विस सेंटर में कॉल करने की जरुरत नहीं है क्योंकि वे आपको सिर्फ सेल एंड परचेज के बारे में ही बता सकते हैं । You can reach out us at +91 0000000000.

Department of Meesho Lucky Draw

We are the Meesho Lucky Draw Department, and we offer all of our clients’ services, including Meesho online shopping Lucky Draw and Meesho Lucky Draw Contests, where you may win a variety of prizes like XUV 500 and Scratch Cards with points for cash prizes without making any investments. We also take our customers’ problems seriously and work quickly to find solutions.

Meesho Lucky Draw Enquiry Department Helpline Number: +91-0000000000 Our customer service representative is always ready for you if you have any questions or concerns about Meesho Lucky Draw. If you were unable to participate in the previous year’s contest, the company has launched a new online lucky contest/jackpot for 2022. If you are interested in participating, please contact us for further instructions.

Meesho Lucky Draw Number

Meesho is always prepared to assist our clients. If you have a problem or have a question about the Meesho Lucky Draw Contest, we are here to help you every single day. The most searched term today is “contact number for Meesho Lucky Draw” because everyone is confused after entering a contest, and if they win a prize, they are even more thrilled and in need of assistance to claim their prize. However, you should check whether your prize from the Meesho Lucky Draw is genuine before accepting it.

The first thing you need to do is “confirm” if you received a call or SMS asking you to pay registration fees since your name was located on the Lucky Winner List. Call Meesho Lucky Draw at +91-0000000000 as soon as possible. Call or email us right away at the provided number. When we receive your problem, we try to fix it right away.

Meesho Lucky Draw Head Office

The staff at Lucky Draw is ready to assist you at any time. The team members of our Meesho Lucky Draw Head Department will assist you as best they can with their knowledge. For any “Meesho Lucky Draw” questions, simply call the Meesho Lucky Draw contact number.

For any questions regarding the Meesho Lucky Draw, the winners’ names, the winners list for 2022, the Meesho scratch card, etc., contact the Meesho Lucky Draw Department.

Meesho Lucky Draw Call Us Right Now at 8721897234

Here you can discover the full list of 2022 Meesho Lucky Draw winners’ names. Also stated below are the prizes for Meesho’s lucky winners. What is your award, please?

Therefore, we are here today to share the full list of 2022 Meesho Lucky Draw winners’ names with you. You have come to the correct place if you participated in the contest and want to know the names of the Meesho Lucky Draw winners because you will find all the information about the winners, runners-up, and prize winners of the Meesho Lucky Draw contest 2022 here. You can view both the current year’s Winners list and the lists from many prior years. Let’s keep reading this article.

The Meesho online lucky draw winner list is being displayed today. We continuously update the Meesho Lucky Draw Winners Name List 2022.

Once you phone us, we will update you with your most recent Meesho fortunate draw number, which you may then look up in our database. So get in touch with us; you’re just a few steps away from a day in which you become a billionaire. Call us immediately now to claim your prize and register for the Meesho Lucky Draw 2022.

Latest Meesho Winners List 2022

Tata Safari, Mahindra XUV 500, and numerous more prizes will be awarded to winners. Meesho 2022 Winners: Mahindra XUV500 was won by “Meesho 1st prize winner,” whose contact information is 923*****12, Bokaro, Jharkhand. Swift Dzire, Kishanganj, Bihar, “Meesho 2nd award winner,” phone number: 742*****34. The winner of the Meesho Scratch and Win contest is, who received 750000 Cash and whose mobile number is 808*****45 in Delhi. Meesho randomly awards prizes to fortunate consumers who are aware that anyone can win.

Complete list of Meesho Lucky Draw Winners for 2022

  1. Winner Of The XUV 500, Phone: 923*****12
  2. Winner Of The Swift Dzire, Phone: 742*****34
  3. Winner Of Cash 7,50,000 Indian Rupees, Phone: 808*****45
  4. Winner Of Meesho Scratch Card, Telephone: 623*****78
  5. Winner of Alto K10, contact information: 945*****72
  6. Winner Of The Tata Safari, Telephone: 784*****87
  7. Winner Of Cash 12,80,000 Indian Rupees, Phone: 803*****21
  8. Winner Of Cash 9,50,000 Indian Rupees, Phone: 867*****91
  9. Winner Of Scratch Card Coupon, Telephone: 827*****32
  10. Winner Of The XUV 500, Telephone: 782*****57


Mr. Customer, I am aware of your confusion regarding the names of the Meesho lucky draw contest winners. Due to the fact that you came across numerous incorrect websites and saw various names of Meesho Lucky Draw Contest Winners. Therefore, we made it clear that you should only visit

To ensure that the information provided about the winners of the Meesho fortunate draw is accurate, winners’ photos are provided here. Dear Customer, if you receive a call or SMS concerning a prize and instructions on how to pay money, you should call our Head Department at +91-0000000000 before making any payments.

Our reward department’s WhatsApp number is +91-6296360000. You don’t need to call the service centre because he can only provide information on how to buy and sell shopping-related items. Only Meesho Lucky Draw Head Prize Department Whatsapp +91-0000000000 or Helpline Number +91-0000000000 can provide information about prizes.


Meesho Lucky Draw Winners

Winners of the Meesho Lucky Draw’s lucky prizes. Meesho Online Lucky Draw is the largest online lucky draw, with daily cash rewards, thousands of active participants, and much more. By purchasing our products, you can participate in the mega draw and win great prizes.

Members of the online lucky draw are eligible for exclusive deals, such as free money offers from different partners. Decide what you want without holding back. If you engage in internet purchasing, you might become the next millionaire. Need more? Sign up right away to access your members’ area. You can find exclusive discounts in addition to participating in the Lucky Draw, which is sure to keep you engaged. Good fortune!

Meesho Lucky Draw: What is this??

Meesho Lucky Draw is a drawing that is sponsored by Meesho’s online partner of the same name. Customers can win huge prizes in this contest, including cars, bikes, and other items. Meesho Anniversary Lucky Draw, Meesho Lucky Draw Voucher, Meesho Lucky Draw Result, Meesho Lucky Draw Offer, Meesho Lucky Draw Number, Meesho Lucky Draw Name, Meesho Anniversary Celebration Lucky Draw 2020, etc. are other names for this.

Meesho Numerous well-known investors and individuals from around the world, including SoftBank, BlackRock, Temasek, Foxconn, Alibaba, eBay Inc., Premji Invest, Intel Capital, and Bessemer Venture Partners, have worked with Lucky Draw. A Blessing of online shopping Meesho and the practise of internet purchasing are both growing in popularity.

Given its enormous selection of 15 million+ products, quick delivery to even the most remote areas of the nation, and daily deals, discounts, and offers to make products available at drastically reduced prices to our valued customers, Meesho Lucky Draw is the go-to option for hundreds of thousands of online shoppers. Start now! Purchase Right Now at Meesho We have excellent news if you have been missing out on the fun of internet shopping because you believe one must be an expert in technology.

Shopping online, especially at Meesho, is simple; all you need to get started is a smartphone, laptop, or tablet with an Internet connection. Log into and browse the many products available in a variety of categories. Please note that the website developer or owner is not liable for any fraud that may occur. Once you’ve decided which products you want, just fill out the order form and the items will be delivered right to your door.


How does one can obtain one’s prize from the Meesho lottery?

Click Here to claim your prize, then click to call us right away. After clicking, the Meesho Lucky Draw customer service number will show. This page already has the Meesho Lucky Draw Helpline number. You can reach the Head Department of the Meesho Lucky Draw right now. You can get information from this site about Meesho Lucky Draw Number, Meesho Lucky Draw Contact Number, Meesho Lucky Draw Information, Meesho Lucky Draw Contact, etc.

How can I get in touch with Meesho Lucky Draw?

Here is the Meesho Lucky Draw customer service phone number. Here are the names and contact information for the Meesho Lucky Draw winners. The best approach to win the Lucky Draw is through the Meesho online shopping contest. To contact a Meesho Lucky Draw customer care representative, click Here & Call Us Now. Here, Meesho Lucky Draw customer service is available around-the-clock. To win your prize, call the Meesho Lucky Draw toll-free hotline. The goal of today’s Meesho fortunate draw event is to win huge prizes like cars, bikes, and many more.

Meesho Lucky Draw Coupons for Online Shopping 2022

Meesho Lucky Draw collaborates with a number of international investors. One important function of the Lucky Bring Department is to draw clients to online stores. Any online shopper can win prizes using this platform. The requirements to qualify for the prize are pretty straightforward. Anyone who recently conducted online business with Meesho is eligible to win the lucky draw prize. This technique is incredibly easy and straightforward. Apply Today for a Lucky Draw! At your fingertips are thrilling prizes. Meesho Lucky Draw is a company that distributes prizes online. The fortunate draw coupon can be used to redeem the rewards from the drawing.

Call or WhatsApp users can get a fortunate draw voucher for online shopping at +91 0000000000. Users of Meesho’s online store can enter the lucky draw by using the “Apply Now” button. The Lucky Draw Department must first confirm the information regarding the prizes. Verifying the reward information is the first step in the award authentication procedure. Prize distribution depends heavily on winner verification. Meesho’s head department for lucky draws never divulges winning information to a third party. This offers users a safe and secure platform to receive prizes from lucky draws.

Contact Meesho Lucky Draw Head Office For Great Profits.

At Your Fingertip: Meesho Lucky Draw Winners List.

Following the random selection of online shopping fortunate draw winners, the Meesho Lucky Draw Winners List is produced. Meesho Lucky Draw announces all of the winners for the day on a list called the “Lucky Draw Winners List.” In order to communicate with the Meesho Lucky Draw head office, winners must first complete an online registration process. Online, we offer a wide variety of magnificent Prizes at their fingertips. Winners may rescind their claim at any moment, which results in the cancellation of the Meesho fortunate draw coupon. Only the Meesho Lucky Draw Head Department’s contact number (0000000000) through call or WhatsApp may conduct the withdrawal process.

Key Features of Meesho Online Lucky Draw

  • At your fingertips is a list of lottery winners.
  • Apply online for the lucky draw competition.
  • Receive Lucky Draw rewards at your door like:
  • Tata Safari won the top honour.
  • No where to go Online lottery
  • Get Online’s Most Expensive Prizes
  • Transparent process for awarding prizes
  • The best lucky draw department in India
  • The largest online shopping raffle site
  • biggest online Lucky Draw and Jack Pot competition
  • #1 Website for Announcement of Lucky Draw Winners
  • Purchase the Meesho lucky draw prize here.
  • For information, call Meesho Lucky Draw.
  • Call or message +91 0000000000 via WhatsApp.
  • 24/7 customer service assistance.

Terms and Conditions for the Meesho Lucky Draw

We accept no liability for

(a) entries that are lost, delayed, incomplete, garbled, or incorrect entry information, regardless of whether these issues were brought on by you, by any software or hardware used in connection with or utilised in the sweepstakes, or by any technical or human error that might arise in entry processing.

(b) any typographical or printing errors in any Sweepstakes-related materials.

(c) any error in the operation or transmission, theft, destruction, unauthorised access to, or alteration of entries, as well as any network, telephone, computer, hardware, or software malfunctions of any kind, inaccurate transmission of entry information, or failure to receive entry information due to technical issues or traffic congestion on the Internet or at any website.

(d) harm or damage to your computer or any other computer brought by by downloading materials related to the sweepstakes. Any person found to be guilty may be disqualified at our sole discretion.

(e) The owner/developer of the website is not liable for any fraud, financial loss, or unfavourable circumstances that may occur to anyone.


All About Meesho Lucky Draw

In conclusion, you can find all the information you need regarding the Meesho Lucky Draw Winner Name List and any bonus information below. If you still have any questions, feel free to contact us at any time. You can reach us by phone or by filling out the website’s contact form. We always have our clients’ best interests in mind, so there will be no issues or problems for them. We thank you for reading the entire article and would welcome it if you shared it with others so they, too, could benefit.

Our goal is to draw Indian customers to our online store, and our major goal is to make India cashless. To do this, we want to give away fantastic products like cars, bikes, coupons for online shopping, and other things.

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