Mayor of Baltimore Tests Positive for Covid19

Baltimore Mayor Brandon M. Scott tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday despite having been vaccinated, his office said.

A spokesman for Mayor Cal Harris said in a statement Monday afternoon that 37-year-old Scott is asymptomatic and will be quarantined at his home in the city.

“If Mayor Scott hadn’t been vaccinated, maybe the situation would have been different,” Harris said.

Harris added that city health officials were following up with colleagues Scott spoke at an open-air event last weekend.

A spokesman for the mayor said he attended two events on Saturday: the opening of the neighborhood center and a development company innovation ceremony. On Sunday he took part in a parade in a Latin American city.

Baltimore City Councilor Zeke Cohen said: twitter He dated the mayor of the parade on Monday but later tested negative for the virus.

The mayor’s positive results come as Baltimore is working on a significant increase in new infectious diseases. According to the New York Times database, the average number of new cases per day over the past seven days on a Sunday was 122.

During the plateau phase in early July, the average daily rate was 5 new cases per day. Just under two-thirds of eligible city dwellers are fully vaccinated, according to the Times.

Scott is trying to increase vaccination coverage in the city. He said last month that all workers in the city should be vaccinated by October 18.