Masaba Guptas Working Sunday Featured This Yummy Treat

After working hard for a whole week, the weekend is the desired break time to relax and unwind. The last thing you want to do on the weekend is work! But unlike most of us, renowned designer and actor Masabagupta didn’t really have that opportunity. While working on Sundays, the actress finds the best way to make her weekend job a little more enjoyable by enjoying decadent cupcakes.

Masaba’s recent Instagram story features designers working with chocolate treats in their hands. “I need cupcakes on a work Sunday,” she wrote with a bite, but we totally agreed.

Masabagupta is a true foodie and his Instagram profile is proof of that. Aside from her Shenanigan dishes, the designer didn’t hesitate to share about her honest fitness journey – she’s had her ups and downs. For example, mackerel recently released a recovery plan to get you back on track after months of filming – from 3 gallons of water a day to incorporating celery and papaya into healthy eating tips you can learn from the actor. There are many.

Regarding work, Masabagupta is here for another opportunity after the huge success of his whimsical and lively web series. The actor-turned-designer to actor is wrapping up filming the second season of “Masaba Masaba,” and while a release date has yet to be set, the show is slated to hit the big screen in 2022.