Manchin says he will support $1.5 trillion spending bill

West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin III, a center Democrat, said Thursday he could not support more than $1.5 trillion in social security, which is less than half the price of President Biden and Democrats. Try pressing. Congress.

In remarks to reporters outside the Capitol, Manchin publicly stated for the first time what he wanted to support, what he had been saying for weeks – that he would not vote for the package anywhere. I can. The size of the massive $3.5 trillion plan the Democrats have outlined in their budget.

Manchin’s relative silence, which he would eventually support with concrete proposals, disappointed Liberals, who feared they would eventually challenge ambitious plans to expand health care, education, paid vacations and climate programs that would involve several tax hikes. Rich people and corporations.

“I’m ready to sit down and tackle this 1.5 and reach my priorities,” said Manchin, who stood in front of the Capitol as protesters surrounded him. Liberal Democrats who want a more detailed bill can “go back and do it later, and they can do it later”. I think there are many ways to achieve what they want – only one. Not all at the bar.”

It’s unclear whether disclosing these details will help convince or further empower moderate Democrats, who will vote in the House on Thursday without significant progress on a much larger second bill. 1 trillion two-party infrastructure packages.

Most anticipated, however, are comments about their willingness to support a social policy plan that Democrats want to pursue using an accelerated process known as budget reconciliation, which comes from Filibuster. Protecting tax laws. Democrats are trying to hand the package over to the united republican opposition, meaning they can’t even do so without a vote in the evenly-divided Senate.

Manchin said he told Biden about spending with him last week and admitted that “he wanted more”.

Manchin explained his position when news of the deal he and New York Senator Chuck Schumer signed leaked on Thursday. The July 28 document states that Mr Manchin will not support plans that include conditions for new spending, income limits for social programs, tax credits for fossil fuels and natural gas homes, or more than $1.5 trillion. There is no defined surplus for income. Reduce losses.

The agreement received from Politico and confirmed by two people who knew him stated that Mr Manchin “does not guarantee that he will choose the final arbitration law if it exceeds the terms set out in this agreement”. ”

The Manchin Memorandum also sets out several requirements to support the fossil fuel industry. It stated that in his role as chairman of the Senate Energy Committee, he should have complete control over the formulation of key provisions of climate change legislation, but ensured that those provisions were far more ambitious and more fossil-prone than Mr. Fuel. Biden has hope.

In addition, the note requires that if the law provides for the expansion of tax credits for wind and solar energy, this does not preclude tax breaks for fossil fuel producers.

Mr Schumer, who signed the deal as he worked to convince Mr Manchin to support the budget, also wrote under his signature, “I will try to convince Joe a lot”. “Looks like it’s already written.

A spokesman on Thursday insisted that Mr Sumer did not consider this binding.

“As noted in the document, the Sumerian leadership never agreed to any of the conditions set by Senator Manchin; he simply acknowledged where Senator Manchin was at the time,” spokesman Justin Goodman said.

On Thursday, the Arizona office of Senator Kirsten Kino, another moderate detention of Biden’s plans, said it would not “negotiate through the press,” but left its priorities and concerns to Biden and Schumer.