Petaling Jaya: Three employees of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) are expected to stand trial under the provisions of the MACC Act and other laws for alleged embezzlement of millions of Ringgits who were arrested last week.


MACC Advisory Council Chairman Tan Sri Abu Zahar Ujang (photo) So yesterday the investigation into the three suspects was almost completed and the investigation documents were being examined by the prosecutor’s office.

“In any case, you will be charged at the earliest. Leave that question to the court, we’ll tell you everything. For us, what is wrong is still wrong.

“We will not compromise and accept violations such as corruption or abuse of power within the KPU.

“If you break the law, you have to bear the brunt. This clearly shows that the current leadership of KPPU is increasingly transparent. ”

Abu Zahar said the commission investigated the matter and did not hand it over to the police because the MACC has broad powers under the MACC law. However, he added that MACC will expand full cooperation on both sides when external investigations are opened.

Abu Zahar said he knew the recent case and several other MACC scammers involved in unwanted actions had damaged the commission’s public image.

Following calls from several countries to reform the MACC, Abu Zahar stressed that the Commission is constantly being monitored, advised and guided by the Advisory Council and its five sub-committees.

He added that MACC’s authority, professionalism and integrity remained intact.

“MACC can’t do what it wants. As a member of the Advisory Board, we monitor its work and take necessary action in the event of violations of laws and regulations. If he doesn’t take our advice, what are we here for?

“There will be scapegoats in every organization. However, we will not tolerate any nonsense and will ensure that action is taken against them. ”

Abu Zahar said the advisory board’s door is always open to constructive criticism and suggestions from any party to improve its effectiveness.

Missing US currency worth around RM25 million was seized from an apartment in Cyberjaya in 2018 and held as evidence by corruption commissioner Datuk Hassana Abdul Hamid, former director general of Malaysia’s foreign intelligence service.

In April, Hasna was released, who was not free.

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