Liverpool star can emulate Cristiano Ronaldo if he stays at Anfield

Jurgen Klopp believes Mohamed Salah is worth Cristiano Ronaldo’s longevity in football and signing a new contract with Liverpool will increase his chances.

Klopp today hailed Salah as the best player in the world after the 5-0 loss at Watford last weekend, when the Egyptian side beat Atletico Madrid 3-2 for two more goals in the Champions League last weekend – a goal and underscores the Manager’s claim.

Sarah will have the chance to meet five-time Golden Ball winner Ronaldo (7 years) at Old Trafford on Sunday to show she is ready to take on Manchester, the world number one. The status shared by world game idols Manchester United and Lionel Messi for 15 years.

Klopp doesn’t want to compare the qualities of Salah and Ronaldo, but they share the same professionalism and dedication to their skills and claim that more can come from his players.

Klopp is encouraged to hear that Salah is looking forward to his long-term future at Anfield.

“If you ask me, I wanted to stay until the last day of my football career, but I can’t say much about that – it’s out of my control,” Sarah said. Heavenly sport.

“It depends on what the club wants, not me. I can’t imagine playing against Liverpool at the moment. That would make me sad. It’s hard, I don’t want to talk. But it really makes me sad.

“I don’t think I’m playing for Liverpool right now, but let’s see what happens in the future.”

The focus will be on Salah and Ronaldo but if Liverpool fend off United’s attacking threat, Klopp will focus on defending at the “top level”. 7 games in all tournaments this season.

“If you don’t defend well at United, you don’t even know why you went there with the coach,” he added. “Their quality of aggression is absolutely ridiculous.

“I think you are very unlikely to score three goals for United, but you don’t think about defense any more than you think about goals before the game. It’s 100% clear that you have to stay at the highest level to score goals. win the match.