Kent Hovind Half Billion $ Lawsuit Ends As He Faces Domestic Assault Charge

The $500 million lawsuit against Kent Hovind in the United States and the various individuals involved in his nearly a decade of detention appears to be going well. But that’s currently the least of his legal issues. On September 21, Judge Clinton Hyde of Konecker County, Alabama, found Hovind guilty of three counts of domestic violence against Hovind’s third wife, Cindy Lincoln.

To Kent Hovind
Kentovind is an independent Baptist minister and proponent of Young Earth Creationism (YEC). YES is the idea that chronology can reach the age of the earth (and the entire physical universe) by piecing together these births in the Bible to reach a point that is quite irrefutable. That’s roughly 6,000 years, contrary to traditional science, that makes the earth 4 to 5 billion years old and the universe 13 to 14 billion years old.

6000 years is not enough time for evolution to work. It also means that dinosaurs and humans coexisted. Hence there is the sovereign “Doc Dino” of Kentovind and the first and latest amusement park of Pensacola, Dinosaur Adventure Land (DAL). Lenox, Alabama.

Hovind’s long agreement decision was the result of the way the Pensacola DAL was set up, using science evangelism to instill “unspoken beliefs” and seeing Kent and his then-wife Joe’s alter egos. Ricefield. He divorced her shortly after she was released in 2015.

The new AMD is much more conventional. This property is owned and operated by Creation Science Ministries Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization recognized as a Church by the IRS. Commercial Corporation S, which is owned by Arnie Land, a sort of consultant in Kent, runs the business and pays Kent royalties on its intellectual property. Kent has been making videos since the 1990s and has written several books.

$500 million trial
The procedures I went through here and here were completely hopeless. It is based on the theory that the federal government has no jurisdiction over Kent Hovind and that 76% of what counts as the United States is more or less. He demanded compensation for the sentence, which was strengthened by an appeal to the 11th District Court of Appeals. To claim damages for an unlawful belief, you must prove that it is unlawful.

I was disappointed in the end. Complaints were rejected due to lack of timely submission.

Disclaimer denied: According to District Court of Appeals 11 42-2(c), Appellants Paul John Hansen and Kent E. 2021 regulations enter into force.

Hovind and his CSE adviser Paul John Hansen are involved in legal weightlifting, but I’m not sure they can come up with something to revive the case, but now it might be done forever. growth.

Dinosaur adventure land
Dinosaur Adventure Land in Lennox, Alabama is the Department’s embassy physical presentation that Kent repeats regularly, with slight changes, on his YouTube channel.

We are people who believe that the Bible is true. God did everything in six days. Dinosaurs have coexisted with humans throughout history. We believe that “evolution” is the most dangerous religious cult in the history of the world.