Kate Moss felt vulnerable scared on topless shoot with Mark Wahlberg

Supermodel Kate Moss says her 1992 ad for a luxury brand, in which she poses shirtless, isn’t as glamorous as it looks.

The 48-year-old supermodel opened up about a time in her career during Sunday’s episode of BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs radio show, people.com reported.

Speaking to presenter Lauren Laverne, she opened up about feeling “vulnerable” and “anxious” while working with actor Mark Wahlberg on set.

When asked how he remembers working in the underwear campaign, Moss said he doesn’t have “very good memories.”

“He’s very macho and that’s all about him. He has a big circle. I was just a role model,” he recalls working with Wahlberg.

Moss was a teenager when he appeared in the commercial.

In the black-and-white photo, she poses topless, in some shots sticking to Wahlberg’s body.

“Do you feel like an object?” asked Laverne Moss.

“Yes, completely. And vulnerable and scared,” she replied, adding, “I think they were playing with my vulnerability. I was so young and innocent, so Calvin liked it,” Moss continued.

She also described feeling “intense anxiety” before filming, which led doctors to prescribe her Valium.

“I really didn’t feel comfortable at all before filming. I couldn’t get out of bed for a week or two,” he said.

In a 2020 interview with The Guardian, Wahlberg talked about working with Moss on the campaign.

When asked if he “had ever hung out with models” – who previously told Vanity Fair he “had a nervous breakdown” when he “had to work with Marky Mark,” he replied, “I’ve never had a problem with Kate, right?”

“I thought I might have been a little rough around the edges. I got things done,” he recalls.

“I’m not very…sophisticated, you could say. But I saw him and said hello.