Ottawa – The day after the election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called it a “critical moment” in his country’s history and Canada seems to be right where it started.


Trudeau clinched a narrow victory on Monday after handing over a record turnout, but the Liberal Party’s share of power in parliament is practically the same as in the previous session of parliament. The same goes for other parties.

This helps explain why some Canadians call it a choice out of nowhere.

And the winner can be the loser. Critics say the vote undermined Trudeau’s credibility and increased many Canadians’ perception that he was a political opportunist.

“His job is safe, but I still don’t think he’s going to make it in the end,” said Andrew McDougall, professor of political science at the University of Toronto.

When Trudeau called for a 36-day campaign in August – the shortest time legally permitted – he said he needed a stronger mandate to get out of the pandemic and move the country toward economic recovery.

Trudeau never specifically admitted that he expected his popularity to rise from a pandemic government to a parliamentary majority. But he never denied it.

However, some questioned both the timing and the need for elections.

Gerald Butts, a prominent liberal, friend and former senior political adviser, said Trudeau had never provided convincing evidence that minority parliaments were preventing him from achieving his legislative goals, particularly the larger pandemic. appropriate fee program. Although the opposition delayed some of Trudeau’s actions, only the proposed bill had yet to be passed when Parliament was dissolved at Trudeau’s request.

Anger erupted at the Prime Minister’s decision to hold general elections during the campaign. There is also indifference.

Polls show that some voters are paying more attention, especially before Labor Day, when most of the country’s attention appears to be on beaches, boats, and barbecues.

Although the election was the most expensive in Canadian history at $600 million, the turnout, which is unlikely to change when the final results are released, will be the lowest ever at 58.44 percent.

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