John Gruden emailed homophobic and masochistic comments

When Wanted NFL coach John Gruden was confronted with racist emails he sent in 2011 insulting players’ union bosses, he said he had gone too far but didn’t have a “racism bar” in it. Formerly.

But under a separate investigation into workplace misconduct, league officials found that Gruden, who now coaches the Las Vegas Raiders, had used abusive and often abusive and homophobic language over the years to defame those in the game. Second hand. Made fun of some significant changes in the league.

According to an email verified by the New York Times, he condemned the attitude of women as judges, the makeup of gay players, and the tolerance of players protesting while playing the national anthem.

Gruden’s message was sent to former Washington soccer team leader Bruce Allen and others while working as color analyst for ESPN during Monday Night Football, the weekly premiere of the NFL sports network’s game. Broadcast on time. In the email, Gruden called League Commissioner Roger Goodell a “faggot” and a “stupid anti-football cat,” and said Goodell shouldn’t have pushed Jeff Fisher, the Rams coach, to be “weird.” draw. About Michael Sam, a gay player who was selected by the team in 2014.

In several emails over a seven-year period ending in early 2018, Gruden criticized Goodell and the league for trying to play down the turmoil, saying that Eric Reed, a player who played while playing the national anthem, should be fired. On several occasions, Gruden used homophobic chamomile to refer to Goodell and offensive language to describe some of the NFL owners, coaches, and journalists covering the league.

Gruden, Allen, the NFL and the Raiders did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Although he was not with the team at the time, Gruden was still influential in the league and was in high demand as a coach. After the 2002 season, he won the Super Bowl with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. .

The league said last week that it shared an email with the Raiders in which Gruden made derogatory remarks.Gruden told ESPN on Sunday that the league was reviewing emails criticizing Goodell, adding that he was upset over the blockade of players by team owners in 2011 when several emails were written. Gruden said in an interview that the slang term was used to refer to Goodell and he did so because he didn’t like Goodell’s emphasis on safety, which he said was mother-daughter. Fathers frighten their sons to prevent them from playing football.

But Gruden’s behavior wasn’t limited to 2011. Gruden exchanged emails with Alan and other men that contained only photos of women in bikinis, including photos of the two cheerleaders from the Washington team.

Gruden also criticized President Obama during his 2012 re-election campaign and then Vice President Joe Biden, whom Gruden described as a “nervous empty pussy”. They use similar words to describe Goodell and Demoris Smith, executive directors of the NFL Players Association.

The League is already investigating Gruden for using black Smith to use a racist term based on another email he wrote to Allen in 2011.

In the email, Gruden, then working for ESPN, criticized Smith’s intelligence and used racist trope to describe his face. The correspondence was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and confirmed by the New York Times.

The league, Smith and Mark Davis, Raiders owners, condemned all of Gruden’s statements, but the coach has not been punished and coached his team in the game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday. Gruden said on Friday he couldn’t remember sending an email and that the language had gone “too far”, adding, “I’ve never had the knife of racism in me”.

Gruden’s emails to Allen, who was fired from the Washington football team in late 2019, were reviewed as part of the NFL’s investigation into workplace misconduct under the franchise that ended this summer. Goodell has instructed league officials to examine more than 650,000 emails in recent months in which Gruden made abusive statements. Last week Goodell received a summary of the results and the league sent the Raiders several emails written by Gruden.

During the exchange, Gruden used his personal email account, while Alan wrote from his team account. In some cases Alan started the conversation and Gruden made a fuss while in other cases they exchanged lewd comments.

Some of the emails between Gruden and Allen included a business friend, Hooters co-founder Ed Droste; Jim McVeigh, CEO who presided over the annual Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida; and Nick Reeder, founder of PDQ Restaurants, a Tampa-based fried chicken franchise. The exchange began in early 2010 when Gruden was an analyst at Football Night Monday. In 2018, he signed a 10-year, $100 million contract to coach the Raiders.

Drost, McVay and Reeder did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Gruden and Alan are longtime friends and colleagues. Allen was chief executive of the Raiders from 1995 to 2003 when he worked with Gruden, who was the team’s head coach from 1998 to 2001. In 2002, Gruden became head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and beat the Raiders in the Super Bowl. this time. In 2004, Allen became General Manager there. Alan and Gruden left the Buccaneers after the 2008 season. While Gruden moved into a broadcast role on ESPN, Alan became general manager at Washington in 2010 and later team president.

Overall, the email offers an unconditional look at the club culture of the NFL peer group where white decision makers are comfortable sharing pornographic images, making fun of league guidelines, and gay jokes. .

Allen is the son of legendary NFL coach George Allen and Gruden – whose father was a coach at Notre Dame and his brother Jay was head coach in Washington from 2014 to 2019 – is part of an exclusive network of NFL beach-related teams, the network and K Cycling. League-related companies.

His jokes run counter to the league’s promise to be more inclusive amid public outcry against racism and sexism and criticism for ignoring the concerns of black players, who make up about 70 percent of the roster. In the past, the NFL struggled to discipline employees who committed domestic violence and were punished for failing to adequately address women’s harassment, including NFL cheerleading.

In June, the NFL congratulated Fate after becoming the first active NFL player to publicly declare himself gay. Goodell said he was ‚Äúproud of Carl for bravely sharing the truth today. Number of representatives. “