Job After Data Science Bootcamp 2021

Why do you want to study data science? In the end, you should get a high paying job. All those boring online seminars and study materials that you invest because you think you will be ready for work in the near future trust me,

data science will definitely help you get a good job and you will have to study it yourself. But there is always a fine line between training and market readiness. Let’s see how you can become a market-ready player by attending a data science bootcamp.

What is a data science boot camp?

In short, bootcamps are similar to online courses, but they are a bit more focused on real-time application of what has been learned and are rich in hands-on projects. The main purpose of the bootcamp is to develop or enrich the skills of the participants.

You see, when we start learning on our own, the first problem is that we don’t have a plan or structure for what we’re learning. I would call this scenario lack of curriculum, in the course of our studies curriculum is what keeps us organized, we will get lost in curriculum if we don’t have curriculum. Bootcamp comes with a well structured curriculum and teaches us the focus of the course we are studying.

Why is data science bootcamp important?

Most diplomas are 3 or 4 years long, but if it is a computer science degree, you definitely need to spend at least 4 years studying it. And during the training you will learn about many topics such as game theory, networks, etc, which are intended for academic purposes only. You will not, under any circumstances, use it in your daily life as a data scientist.

Data Science Bootcamps isolate the most relevant 4-year skills and enrich them with relevant industry knowledge to bridge the gap between the theoretical world of science and the real world that meets today’s industry demands.

Bootcamp also focuses on effective learning through hands-on, real-time projects on the topic and organizing hackathons or competitions among participants. This activity will further increase students’ enthusiasm and make them more competitive.

Great Bootcamp also improves participants’ social interaction skills.

These are some of the advantages of Bootcamp over online courses, although online courses provide a community and forum for enrolled students to communicate with one another, which has not proven to be very effective.

Is it worth spending the money?

The 65-page market report from Career Karma says the Bootcamp market is growing at a rate of 4.38% (this is, of course, an old statistic that will increase due to the crown). This enormous growth rate is commensurate with the ever-increasing need for skilled workers in the market. The report also says that students enrolled in the boot camp have also been placed with tech giants like Google, IBM, Amazon, etc. Additionally, bootcamp prices are 50% lower than the average computer science degree price, and some bootcamps even offer tools for direct intermediaries.

Motivated enough to go to boot camp? Consider reading the rest of the article before making a decision.

Average bootcamp fees are $13,000-$15,000, some of which also cost more than $20,000, which is still lower than the average tuition fee for a computer science degree of $26,000, but most participants can already Graduate from Boot. Camp before joining . Most of them view bootcamp as a program to improve their skills, so they will bear a large burden of both diploma and bootcamp fees.

Bootcamp’s main goal is to support those less fortunate in the traditional university ecosystem. The university model doesn’t work for everyone. Students who are parents and have family commitments who cannot afford to leave their jobs or who cannot attend university cannot attend university. Even people who live in so-called “educational deserts” – where there are no colleges or universities nearby – cannot use their studies without distance, which is not an option for everyone.

These are people who need to attend training camp. They should be treated as an alternative to a college education, not an online course certificate to add to your resume. Students looking to learn additional skills while already enrolled in an educational program and employees seeking career promotion should not consider bootcamping, they should find an online course that fits your needs.

Is the data science fill camp worth the money?

Since we saw in the previous section that data science boot camps only apply to a certain group of people, this is perfect for data science enthusiasts. According to the Career Karma Report, the best technical skills that have proven effective in Bootcamp Teaching Mode are React.js, Node.js, Git, JQuery, and Ruby on Rails. As we can see, none of this has anything to do with data science.

In the current state, we can only understand that the bootcamp market is more focused on market segments such as web development, software development, application development, full stack development, etc.

Is There Any Chance Of Getting A Job After Data Science Bootcamp?
Now to the question that we have been talking about since the start, do Bootcamps guarantee any job opportunities?

Well, the answer could be Yes or sometimes No, it depends on many factors like your course specialization, the reputation of the Bootcamp provider. Sometimes some Bootcamps come with the guaranteed job interview, in such cases, we are more likely to be placed on companies directly after we completed the Bootcamp.

But when it comes to Computer science degrees and Bootcamps, a computer science degree gives mone opportunities for a job. Some old numbers say 79% of the students who enroll for a Bootcamp get placed on a job directly after the Bootcamp.

There are pretty good chances for getting a job after Bootcamp, but not completely guaranteed. But When compared to the placement rate of computer science engineering students, the Bootcamp placement rate is higher. Only 51% of the students who take computer science are placed for jobs in India. So 79% is a lot of difference, likewise, placement for a job is a highly dependent factor, it depends on your location too.

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