January 6 Committee Summons Top Trump White House Officials

The special committee investigating Thursday’s January 6 attack on the Capitol has summoned President Donald J. He summoned four of Trump’s closest advisers and stepped up investigations into what the former president did before and during the deadly riots.

The First Panel of Appeals sought information from Former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows; Dan Scavino Jr., assistant chief of staff; Stephen K. Bannon, a former adviser to Mr. Trump; and Kash Patel, former Pentagon chief of staff.

Organizers urged the four to submit documents by October 7 and present their statements next week.

“The selection committee is investigating the facts, circumstances and causes of the attacks on the 6th,” said Benny Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat and chair of the committee, in a statement announcing the call.

In the letter containing the order, the committee said it was seeking information about Trump’s actions during and during the unrest. The committee said Bannon communicated with Trump on December 30, asking him to focus his efforts on January 6. Organizers said they also attended a meeting at the Willard Hotel the day before the violence to discuss plans to overturn the election results the following day. He is quoted as saying, “Tomorrow Hell will be set free.”

Mr Meadows was involved in planning efforts to change the election results, organizers said. In the final weeks of Trump’s term, he has repeatedly urged the Justice Department to investigate baseless conspiracy theories about the 2020 presidential election, according to emails to Congress that were reported in parts of the New York Times. verified by

The committee said that Mr.

Scavino was in contact with Trump and others who had planned rallies before the January 6 violence, and met with Trump on January 5 to discuss whether members of Congress should confirm the presidential election. How to convince yourself not to do it. Biden, announced the commission.

Scavino tweeted about Trump on January 6, encouraging people to “be a part of the story”. Records show that Scavino tweeted the news from the White House on January 6, according to the panel.

Patel was Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher C. Miller’s Chief of Staff during the attack when Trump succeeded him as the Pentagon’s chief officer, Mark T. was appointed to replace Arizona. According to Department of Defense documents and published information, Patel participated in discussions with senior Pentagon officials before and during the Capitol security attack. Organizers said Mr Patel was also in constant contact with Mr Meadows on the day of the attack.

The former president also reportedly tried to appoint Patel as deputy director of the CIA in early December, but the proposed appointment was scrapped after director Gina Haspel threatened to resign. Formerly.

Mr Bannon, Mr Meadows, Mr Scavino and Mr Patel did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The subpoenas come as the commission asks for detailed records of each of Trump’s moves and meetings on the day of the attack, with federal agencies suggesting focus on any involvement that led to the attack. This can be in planning or implementation. .

His swift release indicates that the panel is continuing its aggressive investigation without breaking contact with key witnesses who may be providing important information.

“Such subpoenas are a sign that you weren’t wrong,” said Elliott Williams, a legal analyst. write on Twitter.

The panel is investigating what led to the violence around the Capitol as Trump supporters smashed police officers and clocks, along with the official vote count to formalize Biden’s pending victory. Little is known about what the former president did during the meltdown or in the days that followed.

According to people familiar with the document discussing its content on condition of anonymity, the Commission sent requests to 35 technology companies last month to protect the archives. Among the hundreds whose records the committee is trying to preserve, there are nearly a dozen Republicans in the House of Representatives, including a spokesman for minority leader Kevin McCarthy, who has threatened retaliation against any company that embraces him.

On Thursday, McCarthy again criticized the committee, calling his work “more about politics than anything”.

“There are only two questions this committee really needs to ask itself: why was the Capitol so abandoned and how can we be sure it will never happen again?” He says. “We only realized it then.

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