ISRO Announces First Demand Driven Satellite Mission

ISRO’s commercial division, NewSpace India Limited (NSIL), on Friday announced its first on-demand satellite communications mission as part of space reforms announced by the government last June. Launched in March 2019, NSIL is mandated to perform operational satellite missions on an on-demand model, with responsibility for building, launching, owning and operating the satellites and providing services to its dedicated customers.

As part of this initiative, NSIL, the Central Public Sector Company (CPSE), under the leadership of the Department of Space (DOS), is currently conducting a “First Demand Communication Satellite Mission” called GSAT-24, a tonne Ku satellite band. NSIL received a satellite built by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) and will launch it with the help of the Ariane 5 launcher from Arianespace. “All satellite capacity above GSAT-24 will be leased to a dedicated customer, M/s Tata Sky, to meet the needs of its DTH applications,” NSIL said in a statement.

NSIL said it had the necessary agreements with Tata Sky to use satellite capacity on GSAT-24 and with Arianespace to seek launch services. The GSAT-24 satellite will be commercially owned and operated by NSIL. The GSAT-24 satellite mission is fully funded by NSIL. NSIL plans to launch the GSAT-24 satellite in the first quarter of 2022.