Is Letitia James Running for New York Governor?

“A lot of people have approached me to run for a higher post,” he repeated, but repeatedly insisted he was focused on his current job.

But when asked to describe this conversation, James wasn’t shy.

“This is worth remembering for my leadership, my ability to tell the truth to the authorities, my experience and my ability to unite the nation,” he said. “I’m still focused on the charges, but thanks for your comments.”

Their comments came after a brief conversation at a meeting of Democrats in Brooklyn at Juniors, a restaurant known for its cheesecakes and political events.

The scene there is one of the brightest illustrations, showing how the democratic primaries took shape last week, and provides an early picture of the campaign.

Hochul, the first female governor, was also there. It is also part of an innovative public schedule as it is actively working to consolidate its huge funding advantage over primary schools. He spoke with James and New York District Attorney Jumani D. Williams. He announced this week that he had set up a commission of inquiry and was thinking about implementing it himself. (“Good job as a public defender!” Hokuru was very surprised.)

Hochul, James, and Williams set up a room full of party activists and elected leaders seeking selfies and hugs between a scrambled bite and an unstable cup of coffee. I’m on patrol. Mayor Bill de Blasio, who also appeared to be weighing orchids, remained on his feet until the day he and others attended a Democratic rally in the Bronx.

It was possible that James would not challenge Hokuru in the end. She doesn’t have a strong fundraising history, but her ally could become the first black female governor in the United States, so she will gain national attention and support if she runs. I hope to collect it. He may also have to quit his current job to run for governor and seek another term as attorney general instead – perhaps his recent work has caught the eye. Powered by

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