ipl playoffs teams: ipl playoffs 2021 main kaun si teams pahunch sakti hain

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On Friday, Punjab Kings defeated Kolkata Knight Riders by five wickets. With this win, Punjab’s team has reached the fifth position. After this win, the maths of the playoffs has become interesting.

Now there are 11 more matches left and after the matches on Saturday and Sunday, the picture of the last four will become more clear.
Shankar Raghuraman of The Times of India has calculated each team’s chances of reaching the playoffs after Friday’s match. They have a 50:50 chance of both teams winning in the remaining matches.

The run rate has also been ignored because each team now has only two-three matches left.

1). The team of Chennai Super Kings has now qualified for the playoffs. Now their expectation of breaking into the top 2 is 99.2 percent.

2) Delhi Capitals has also qualified now. Now she can’t go much lower than third place. His chances of being in the top 2 are not less than 85 per cent.

3) Royal Challengers Bangalore are almost certain to reach the playoffs. However, there is a 1% expectation that the team under Virat Kohli might end up tied for the fourth place. And due to net run rate, he may have to be out. His odds of being in the top 2 are now 41 percent.

4) KKR’s team had to face defeat on Friday. Despite this, he still remains in fourth place. But his chances of staying in the top 4 have come down from 57 per cent to 37.5 per cent. She can no longer reach the top 2.

5) The team of Punjab Kings has reached the fifth position. He has 10 points like Kolkata. His chances of making it to the last four are now 36.7 per cent. Yes, it can’t even reach the top 2.

6) Although Mumbai Indians team is below Kolkata and Punjab but its points are equal. And at the same time he has to play one more match. This means that its chances of breaking into the top 4 are still 66 per cent. She can still make it to the top 2 but the chances are only 0.8 percent.

7) The chances of Rajasthan Royals reaching the last four are 25%. He can’t make it to the top 2.

8) The teams of Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals and Royal Challengers Bangalore are almost certain in the playoffs. On the other hand, teams from Kolkata, Punjab, Rajasthan and Mumbai are contenders for reaching the fourth position. Sunrisers are already out of this race.

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