IPhone 13 Face ID Won’t Work If You Get A Non Apple Screen Replacement

Apple offers its devices with sophistication and a touch of exclusivity. On the one hand, where the Cupertino-based tech giant offers an ecosystem of highly compatible devices, on the other, it has made little effort to maintain the sanctity of the brand. In one such move, revealed by a tech channel called Phone Repair Guru, Apple made it nearly impossible for third parties to disassemble the device to fix the problem. According to him, users will not be able to use the iPhone 13’s Face ID feature if they receive a duplicate screen from anywhere other than Apple’s official service.

The video shows a complete replacement of iPhone 13 parts, including the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor, and microphone. So far, all functions are working normally, including the Face ID unlock function. But as soon as the screen is replaced with a new one, an information bubble will appear with the message “You can’t verify that this phone has a genuine Apple display.” Send this message; Face unlock function no longer works. Also, after third-party fixes, you won’t be able to create a new ID if you try to create a new Face ID by accessing your phone’s settings. Instead, the Face ID Unavailable dialog box appears when you tap Start.

The disclosure of the facts leaves consumers at a crossroads whether to be extra careful with their devices or wait for the company’s decision.

Apple has the right to fix the problem and has fought back ever since the move shifted from a vehicle manufacturer to electrical appliances and equipment. The Right to Repair Act allows consumers to repair their equipment from independent shops and services, which can significantly affect the company’s repair and ownership of certain information.

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