Indian Spacetech Startups Join Hands To Build Indigenous Technologies

The five space launch technologies at IIT Madras have come together in a consortium to build their own technologies, including quick launch capabilities, satellite design and assembly, sensors, next-generation communications such as 6G, satellite security, ground stations, data, communications assimilation, and application areas. spatial.
The consortium is called the Indian Bureau of Space Technology and Application Design (I-STAC.DB) and will develop next-generation applications.

“In today’s world, cooperation is the mantra. It is impossible for every company to do all that is necessary for the end customer of aerospace applications. In this way, of course, the consortium will attract all these key stakeholders,” said Prof. Satya Chakravarti, Head of I-STAC.DB and Faculty, Department of Aerospace Engineering, according to information from IIT Madras.
A memorandum of understanding was recently signed for this breakthrough. I-STAC.DB invites space companies and related sectors to join this effort.

I-STAC.DB founders include Dron Vayu Pvt. Ltd., Agnikul Cosmos Pvt. Ltd, GalaxEye Space Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mindgrove Technologies Pvt Ltd and Resileo Labs LLP. The consortium is funded by the IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation, a Part 8 company funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, under the National Mission for Interdisciplinary Cyberphysical Systems and hosted by IIT Madras.

“IIT-M Pravartak is very pleased to have young and dynamic entrepreneurs unite their thoughts and efforts on the space ecosystem based in India through this platform. It is an expression of their deep commitment and belief that makes this possible”, said Dr. MJ Shankar Raman, CEO, Madrid Pravartak IIT Foundation.

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The focus includes hyperspectral vision, photogrammetry and radar sensors with synthetic aperture, sensor fusion, embedded processing based on edge calculation and space training and earth remote sensing, 5G/6G/7G communication, inter-satellite communication in constellations and constellations such as data storage and management, etc. .

“When we at Dron Vayu contacted IIT-M PTF for advanced technical knowledge and suggestions to intensify our efforts to provide a full ecosystem for the India-based space program, the idea for this consortium seed was born. Since then we are happy to be a part of this consortium. This is fully in line with our strong commitment to offer all our customers the “Best Classroom Ecosystem” at the best prices,” said Manish Kukreti, Founder and Managing Director of Dron Vayu Pvt. Ltd stated.