Indian Oil players will teach prisoners to play

Prisoners can now learn sports
It is for this reason that Indian Oil launched the Parivartan project.
Today, in the case of Gandhi Gianti, the second phase of the project begins.
New Delhi
It is said that if a person ends up in an Indian prison, their career is over. But that won’t happen now. Indian Oil, a company of the United States Department of Oil and Natural Gas, has launched a project to train prisoners in selected prisons across the country for the sport. The project, called Parivartan, has now expanded to 17 prisons in 10 states.

What is the Parivartan Project?
The IOC has started the Parivartan initiative. The goal is to offer inmates a better chance of life in prison. Therefore, selected sports are currently being trained in several prisons. The services of players who were awarded Arjuna were also taken over for their training. The company believes that the program provides an opportunity for detainees to overcome the signs of imprisonment and to reconnect with the community once they are released.

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Expansion on the occasion of Gandhi Gianti
IndianOil has launched the second phase of its Parivartan initiative from Tihar Prison in Delhi. Company president Srimant Madhav Vaidya also attended the event. Thus, the scope of training has been expanded to 17 prisons in 10 states. IndianOil offers three months of training facilities in six sports – basketball, volleyball, Hoho, badminton, chess and karrom as well as the modernization of sports facilities at Tihar Prison.

More than 1,000 prisoners are being trained
The IOC says that more than 1,000 inmates from various prisons will be trained in the basics of the game during this training. It will also give them some fun times and the chance to take part in local racing games. IndianOil will also provide the sporting equipment and supplies needed by event participants.

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Who will be arrested in the second stage?
The prisons involved in the second phase of the transformation are Central Prison, Tihar, Delhi; Yelvada Central Prison, Pune; Kolhapur Central Prison; Central Prison, Patiala; Lala Lajpat Rai District & Open Prison, Dharamsala; Central Prison, Indore; Central Prison, Bhopal; Central Prison, Ahmedabad; Central Prison, Vadodara; Adarsh ​​Prison, Lucknow; Central Prison, Varanasi; Ninety Central Prison, Prayagraj; Central Prison, Guwahati; Dibrugarh Central Prison and Dimapur Central Prison.

International players will train
The IndianOil international will host the event. These coaches include badminton players Abhinay Shyam Gupta (Arjuna Prize Winner), women’s grandmasters Isha Karvade and Soumya Swaminathan (chess), tennis player Rushmi Chakraborty (national champion), national table tennis coach Mouf, Souromadech Roy and Kajal Kumari who are famous and who famous. Ramesh Babu.

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Five prisons are included in the first phase
In the first phase of the program, Chanchalguda Central Prison (Hyderabad), Pujal Central Prison (Chennai), Pujapura Central Prison (Trivandrum), Bhubaneswar Special Prison, and Cuttack Prison were selected. After the training program is completed, farewell ceremonies are held at these locations and certificates of successful completion of the program are given to the participants.