In the Parallel Universe That is the House of Representatives September Never Ended

It is the first day of October. The air in Washington is refreshing and Halloween is just around the corner. Yes, that’s the same time for the Green Day joke in late September.

When California President Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders began delaying plans to vote on a $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill Thursday night, they also halted party timing and moderation. He pressed the Legislative pause button to calm him down.

Only in Congress, dominated by mysterious rules and traditions that often act as parallel realities, can you add more than 24 hours to your day. In this case, by moving to the DPR on Thursday evening, the chairman will be moved to the September 30 legislative day at the Chamber of Commerce instead of the end of the day, regardless of the actual expiry of the time. I managed to survive.

It allowed lawmakers, White House lawmakers, aides and staff who fought all day to return home for hours without formally resigning and fighting Democratic factions under President Biden’s key domestic policy act. he did. And he reached a compromise on Friday that would pave the way for leaders to go to the polls as soon as they break through.

But a big reason for the Pelosi calendar trick is political. He promised a group of moderate Democrats calling for a vote on an infrastructure bill this week that action would be taken by September 30. Giving fig leaf to moderate to deal with the technical features of the method and the failure to get the promised sound.

“It’s not over yet! New Jersey Democrat Josh Gotheimer, a leading provider of infrastructure action, wrote on Twitter Thursday night. Negotiations are continuing and we’re continuing to work. Like I said, take Gottheimer and Red Bull.

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