In his stint on the PCB, Kahn said he was always working in Pakistan to improve cricket

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During his time with PCB, Khan said he had always worked in Pakistan to improve cricket.
Wasim Khan. (Photo by Philip Brown / Photo Popper / Photo Popper via Getty Images)
Former executive director of the Pakistan Cricket Commission Wassim Khan said he faced a huge challenge to bring international cricket back to Pakistan after the attack on the Sri Lankan team in 2009. On September 30, Kahn resigned after it was revealed he had made some differences with him. Ramiz Raja, newly appointed PCB chairman.

In 2019, after four years as CEO in Leicestershire, Kahn was appointed CEO. His contract was due to expire in 2022, but Cannes opted for an earlier move. During his tenure, Khan said he had always worked to improve cricket in Pakistan.

“Unfortunately, my time on the Pakistan cricket committee has run out,” Khan wrote in a post on LinkedIn, Geo TV reported.

“As a British Pakistani and a former professional cricketer, I made a promise less than three years ago that I would move to Pakistan, which has helped improve PCB’s global image and the country.” the spotlight of one Country is increasing with 220 million cricket fans,” he said.

“I am nothing but gratitude and love to Pakistani fans,” said Washim Khan.
Pakistan took six years to bring home international cricket. In 2015 Zimbabwe went on a country tour to Sri Lanka, World XI, Bangladesh and South Africa. Khan said he spent sleepless nights trying to regain his sanity in cricket in Pakistan.

“Reviving international cricket, mingling with sleepless nights related to crisis management, avoiding potential crises and overcoming many difficult political situations is an interesting task. That’s only part of it,” said Hahn.

He also thanked Pakistani fans for their support during these difficult times. “I think I will be grateful and loved by Pakistani fans just a few weeks after leaving Lahore and returning to England,” he added.

Pakistani cricket has recently taken a hit, with New Zealand and England canceling any tours.