How to transfer from Coinbase to Metamask wallet

Crypto wallets are indispensable in today’s crypto world as they store data about cryptocurrencies. Apart from that, you can also use a crypto wallet to send, receive and spend digital assets.

In addition, digital assets exist only in large databases called registers. However, the register keeps all the records of crypto transactions made. This book is popularly called blockchain.

Unlike regular wallets that contain real money, crypto wallets don’t technically store cryptocurrency; Instead, they are stored on a blockchain that can only be accessed with a private key, a complex form of cryptography that allows users to access their cryptocurrency.

Your key proves that you have digital money and allows you to make transactions. If you lose your private key, you will lose access to your money. For this reason, it is important that you keep your hardware wallet secure or use a trusted wallet provider like Coinbase and Metamask Wallet.

This guide explains how to transfer funds from Coinbase to the Metamask wallet.

Via Metamask portofolio portfolio
Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet that you can download on Chrome, Firefox, iOS, and Android. As a browser extension, Metamask can also act as a bridge between your normal browser and the Ethereum blockchain.

In addition, the Ethereum Blockchain is a network that allows the creation of decentralized applications and other digital assets. This network allows developers to write transactional policies known as “smart contracts”. However, Metamask can store Ethereum’s own private and public cryptocurrency keys on the Ethereum blockchain network.

What is Coinbase?
Coinbase is a crypto trading platform founded in 2012. The platform offers users the ability to buy, sell and exchange over 100 marketable digital assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, BNB and more today. However, Coinbase is a large company with more than 70 million current users and $255 billion in assets on the platform.

Create a Coinbase Account
Before you can transfer from Coinbase to Metamask Wallet, you must create an account on the Coinbase website or on the Coinbase app. These steps will show you how to do it.

Step 1: Go to and click “Get Started” to create an account. Note: You will be asked for your full legal name, email address, password and country. Coinbase will ask for proof of any information you provide them. So have your proof ready when asked to send it.

Read the user agreement and privacy policy. When finished, click Create Account (Computer) or Register (Mobile). Coinbase will send a confirmation email to your email address to register your email address.

Step 2: Confirm your email address in the email sent to you by Coinbase. You will also need to log in again with your email address and password.

Step 3: Enter your phone number. Then enter the seven-digit code sent to your phone to confirm it. Then click “Submit”.

Step 4: Add your details as shown on the official government-issued photo ID, as you will need to upload this photo ID later. You will also be asked several questions; reply and click “Next”.

Step 5: Verify your identity by logging into your Coinbase account. Then complete the authentication process.

Step 6: Link your Coinbase account to the payment method. You can do this with your debit card. Also link your bank account so you can buy ETH.

After following these steps, it is time to buy Ethereum. You can buy ETH from Coinbase (since you linked your debit card to it). You can also buy ETH if you have linked your bank account to Coinbase. However, it can take 15 days for the funds to appear in your account.

Also click Buy/Sell and select Ethereum. We recommend buying a small amount of ETH to get started. You also need a small amount of ETH to pay the transaction fees. Tap “Buy Reviews” again to confirm your order and select “Buy Now” to complete your ETH purchase. The amount of ETH you want to buy will be displayed within 2 to 15 working days.

Prepare your MetaMask wallet
Step 1: You need to download the MetaMask wallet. All you need to do is visit this page in the Chrome Web Store. Tap “Add to Chome” to add the MetaMask extension to your browser.

Step 2: You need to activate the plugin by clicking on the MetaMask icon in the top right corner of the Chrome browser. Then accept the terms and conditions.

Step 3: set up an account. Enter your password to log in every day. The password is preferably at least eight characters long. Make sure your password is not easy to guess. After you have entered your password, click “Create”.

Step 4: You will be taken to the main clause which is a list of words. These words are known as the “secret phrases of recovery.” These random words are used to recover your wallet when you forget your password.

You should write your introductory sentence on paper and keep it in a safe place where it is not accessible. Never save it to email, cloud or photo archive on your phone because your phone can be hacked. If you need to save them to your email or cloud storage, make sure they are properly encrypted with a strong password that you can’t forget.

Step 5: As soon as this is done and you have confirmed that your opening words are in a safe place, you can now send ETH to the meta mask.