How to Replace the Key Fob for Your Car

You can find the keychain by looking in your pocket, purse, pocket or trash can. The master key locks and unlocks your car door. The most demanding people do more. But whichever type you have, it’s going to be more expensive to replace it than to cut out a set of old fashioned keys. User Reviews Here are some simple tips to save money when you need a new lock.

Depending on your age or the age of your car, you may not even remember life before key chains. Today’s popular devices offer many conveniences.

However, you may have experienced a downside: the cost of replacing a new keychain can be as high as $400, depending on the brand. Then add another $20 to $130 and program it to work in your car. In some cases, the total amount can be $500.

Before paying for a replacement, check with your warranty, auto insurance, or breakdown service to see if the cost of replacing a lost or damaged key is covered.

If your car is less than 5 years old, you may need to go directly to a dealer who has the expensive equipment needed to program a new keychain.

However, if you have a slightly older car, you may be able to save some money by purchasing a key fob for a second purchase. Search online for a key fob based on the make and model of your car. User Reviews I found a great selection at Amazon, Wal-Mart, and online auto parts stores for $200 less than at retailers.

Many of the less modern keychains can be laser cut and programmed by local mechanics and locksmiths, but if you want to challenge yourself, programming is a fun project.

All steps are described in the operating instructions. Note that most programmable keyrings require two running keys to program a new key.

If you need a new merchant key, the good news is that the process is very fast and usually only takes 15-30 minutes. For more convenience, mobile locksmiths can exchange multiple key chains and programs and cut keys in the aisle.

And did you know that your trailer is hiding a secret? Mechanical keys with push-button start systems are usually hidden in the car key ring so that the door can be unlocked even if the car battery or battery handle is empty. Some cars have a clear key slot above or behind the doorknob. Others have a plastic cap covering the bottom lock slot.