How to Mine Zcash in 6 Easy Steps

Zcash (ZEC) currently ranks 49th in total market cap with a market cap of around $3 billion. The Zcash coin continues to be one of the most popular mining options for cryptocurrencies despite the recent decline in mining wages and increasing difficulty in mining, as the market price has increased exponentially over the past few months. It is still popular among blockchain developers, with the Zcash repository being updated frequently.

This step-by-step guide to digging Zcash will introduce you to the basics of digging and explain how to build a Zcash digging platform and why Zcash digging hardware consists mostly of ASIC mining farms.

Zcash uses verification algorithms, such as bitcoin extraction, and ZEC mining uses the Equihash algorithm that works on ewbf miners. The Equihash algorithm was chosen because it reduces the extraction difficulties associated with graphics or processor hardware.

Therefore, the Zcash network is ideal for joining new miners without a large initial investment, like when mining Ethereum in the early years. A simple GPU miner, Zcash mining pool and Zcash digging software like miner from ewbf cuda zcash or Nicehash multifunction miner are all you need to get started.

In addition, some mining farms offer purchase of cloud mining contracts that provide a pre-set hashrate for Zcash cloud mining available to you for a set period of time.

What is Zcash?
Originally known as the Zerocash Protocol, this altcoin started out as a fork of Bitcoin. Over time, the blockchain community changed its name to Zerocash and then, in 2016, to Zcash. Along with Monero and Dash, the coin is one of the original three privacy coins. This is where it differs from Bitcoin – secrecy and transparency.

The blockchain securely encrypts all transaction information, such as the purpose of the payment, the availability of the transaction, or even the amount.

Suck in the pool
Pool mining combines separate efforts to mine GPU and CPU with other miners. Rewards for successful block verification are awarded to all miners in the pool, depending on the computing power each miner has contributed to the network.

Although the reward is slightly reduced depending on the number of miners in the pool, the chances of successfully testing the block are high. However, in most cases, participants have to pay a fee to join the mining pool. One of the most popular and user-friendly solutions on the market is NiceHash EQM.

Digging yourself
Self-fetching is nearly obsolete in an era of lucrative mining as advanced GPU technology is rapidly outpacing network hashrates. This makes it nearly impossible for low-processing equipment to make a profit. This is because the aggregate processing power between all participants ensures that prices are evenly distributed based on the hashing power provided.

Price block
The Zcash blockchain issues a price of 3,125 ZEC after checking each block. Block checks are performed every 75 seconds. If you are part of a mining pool, unit compensation will be divided among pool members based on the amount of computing power each member uses to extract units.

What you need to start digging Zcash
Hardware and software are essential requirements for any mining company. Software has to work on the right hardware, which has a direct impact on what excavators working with digging algorithms can do. However, to understand the real requirements to get started, it’s worth distinguishing the three types of processing power used to extract cryptocurrencies.

GPU mining
Graphics Processor Units (GPUs), as the name suggests, are designed to process computer graphics faster. Most GPU users are people who prefer flexibility over the brute force of processors and ASIC processors.

ASIC extraction
Unlike Bitcoin miners, Zcash uses the Equihash algorithm to shut down ASIC mining hardware. ASIC was developed mainly for Bitcoin mining. Therefore, different hashing methods to allow the processor or GPU to be obtained.

ASIC chips are designed to run at the highest possible processing speed. An important feature to keep in mind with ASIC chips is that they are made and customized for a specific coin. While you don’t need it when digging into Zcash, it’s worth differentiating it from GPU and CPU hardware.

Hardware is an important factor to consider as it directly affects the amount of profit you will make. Equihash relies heavily on large amounts of memory (RAM). The factor that leaves you with only two choices – either the GPU or the processor.

When choosing a Zcash extracting processor, make sure you have an adequate cooling mechanism. This prevents the device from overheating. Getting a processor is one of the advantages of digging into Zcash. Unlike bitcoin, you don’t have to deal with a high initial investment.

If the GPU is your thing, you will need to invest a little more to buy a mining unit. Remember that your investment will depend on the required hashrate. And that hashing power will determine your profit. GPUs usually heat up and therefore require a suitable cooling device.

What software is used to dig Zcash?
There is a wide variety of software that can be used in mining. Most of the software is also free and easy to download, with tutorials available online.

In addition, Zcash has a community software called Zcash Miner that allows anyone to run a full node, using the processor to dig and download the built-in wallet. Wallets can send or receive cash. Unfortunately, these official Zcash chips are limited to being mined with processor chips. Therefore, if your digging platform is optimized with a graphics chip, you should consider other digging software options.

1. Install the driver
For AMD GPU miners
Go to and click the Support and Drivers tab. Enter your GPU details and click “Show Results”. To download the latest driver, click on the resulting Download button. However, if you want to download an older version, click the Previous Drivers and Software tab.

For Nvidia GPU mining
Go to the NVIDIA website to download the latest drivers for Nvidia GPUs. Enter your GPU details in the highlighted search bar and hit the search button. The button has a green background. Click on the best result to download the latest driver.

NOTE: After installing one of the drivers, it is usually like installing a computer driver; Restart your computer and go to Device Manager. Check again here that each driver is properly installed and your Windows system recognizes it.

2. Take Zcash wallet
You have to keep your coins safe after you win them. A safe place to start is to use a hardware wallet. However, there are three types of wallets; Internet wallets, exchange wallets, and hardware wallets. Go to the official Zcash website and there you will find the Zcash client wallet. However, the safest option is a hardware wallet like Trezor or Ledger Nano S.

3. Download digging software
Go to and download the Zcash EWFB mining program for Zcash. To avoid downloading malware, make sure the download comes from an official Bitcointalk thread. You need to find the latest version with the zip file.

4. Adjust Windows settings
Disable Windows sleep mode. The computer should not sleep while mining. Change the System Settings page to 16GB / 16384MB. Disable all Windows updates as they may affect the Zcash extracting software. Also, make sure Windows Defender doesn’t flag the EWFB program as malware.

5. Join the pool
Most of the individual miners register in the mining pool to ensure stable profits. There are several Zcash burial pools to choose from, but in our guide we’ll give Flypool a try. Go to the website and click on each help section which will guide you how to dig with them through the EWFB.

6. Configure the BAT file to start your miner
Then create a BAT file by clicking the Windows – Nvidia tab depending on the type of computer and GPU you are using. The page generated under the tab is a mining script. Put this in a folder in the EWFB miner program called “Flypool bat file”.

The bat file gives the command to start/run the extraction software. Then paste your Zcash wallet address into the bat file and finally save the bat file with .bat extension.

How Much Can You Earn?
There are several factors that determine Zcash’s grave gift.

First, the equipment and power supply in an area has a large impact on the level of compensation. Another important factor is whether you are affiliated with a mining pool or go it alone. offers a calculator where you can enter the amount of energy consumed, the hash rate and the hourly price of electricity.

The grave calculator determines a certain rate of profit both per month and per day. We recommend that you perform these calculations to influence your decision to purchase startup hardware and software. Calculators are very helpful in determining whether your investment is worth the potential return.