How to Improve Memory Power?

How to increase memory power? :  We all want that we should have a very sharp memory, we remember everything in a pinch and we do not have to say at all that oh yes I forgot man sorry but it does not happen. Because nowadays this problem is being seen in every age, due to which genetics may be due to some extent.

But actually our Busy and Dynamic Routine has become its main reason. Which fills the mind with stress. And the mind is not able to focus on anything in a proper way. But the good news is that the scientists who keep working continuously on the capacity of the brain.

According to them the capacity of our memory is not fixed but it is flexible which we can also easily sharpen. And it can also increase its capacity a lot. For this, you have to do some easy efforts and today in this article of ours how to increase memory power? How to Improve Memory Power? You will also get many amazing tips for this, so let’s start and know Simple and Effective Tips to Improve Memory Power. 

How to increase memory power?

Learn something new

Memory is like Muscles, the more you use Muscles, the stronger it will be, similarly the more you use Memory, the more your memory will be sharper. To increase the strength of memory, you have to give new challenges to the brain and keep learning new skills is a very amazing way to increase the capacity of brain memory. So keep learning something that will take your full attention and take you out of your comfort zone. For example, playing mind games like Chess, Word Recall, learning instruments, dance form or learning any new language. 

Repeat the information

Whenever you receive any new Skills Related Information, repeat it to save it in memory for long term. For this, you repeat it in a loud voice. Or note down, by doing this, a connection is made between neurons, after repetition, try to remember that information without looking at it.

Just like you do on the days of exams. Remembering the answer to the question and repeating it. And then try to recall it without looking in the notes. You have to do the same here as well, only then your information will be saved in your memory for long term. That is, you will not forget him soon.

Use all your senses

A very easy way to increase memory power is to use all your senses to keep the information in memory. For this, you can remember your information by connecting it to all the senses like Color, Test, Smell.

Do not take the help of Google all the time

Google may have become your best friend. But in order to strengthen the memory power, you have to make a distance for some time because by Google everything you become Mentally Lazy. So before doing Google to confirm any information, try to recall it in your mind. By doing this, the Neural Park Ways in your brain will be strong i.e. memory power will increase.

Similarly, stop being completely dependent on GPS. Because relying on GPS for navigation causes the brain to shrink the hippocampus part and this part is responsible for transferring information from short-term to long-term memory. So you can use it wherever needed. By the way, there is another good thing that you can remember all the numbers in your contact list. Which we have forgotten nowadays. Even so, it can be a good start.

Be Organized and Busy Person

A Tired Brain of a Very Busy Person can prevent memory from becoming strong, but even a completely free little memory power cannot increase. That’s why it is important to keep yourself busy in some task or the other. And keeping yourself organized also gives strength to memory. That’s why keep your routine systematic. And instead of getting used to forgetting by keeping anything anywhere, make a habit of putting things in the right place and using them in the right way.

Go to sleep at a fixed time every day

Sleeping at the same time every night will improve the quality of your sleep. By which you will feel fresh in the morning. In this way your brain will work smoothly. And you will at least fail the problem like memory loss. Apart from this, at least 1 hour before sleeping, keep a distance from the blue light emanating from the phone, TV and computer screen. Because this blue light inhibits the production of the hormone melatonin.

This hormone controls our Sleep-Wake Cycle, due to an imbalance in it, sleep is not complete. And the burden on the neurons in the brain increases. It becomes difficult for them to coordinate information and it has a direct negative effect on memory.

Do Exercise and Meditation

Exercise is the best option for physical and mental health, according to many studies, exercise increases the secretion of neuroprotective proteins. And the Growth and Development Improvement of Neurons. That is, exercise helps improve the brain.

At the same time, along with providing relief in stress and pain, meditation also improves memory. With increasing age, the gray metal in the brain starts decreasing. Which has a negative impact on memory, but due to meditation, there is a gray metal increase in the brain. That is, by doing meditation, you can maintain your memory better even in old age.

Diet will also have to be paid attention to

For example, a proper diet is taken to maintain physical health. Similarly, to strengthen the brain and increase memory power, we have to take such a diet. Which can make memory healthy. For this, you have to keep the level of vitamin D balanced. Avoid eating too much added sugar and salt.

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Processed food must be avoided. The number of refined cereals such as cakes, cookies and white rice will have to be reduced. You will have to take more green label vegetables. You will also have to eat whole grains and dry fruits. You will also need to drink plenty of water.

Conclusion :

So if you apply so many tips one by one then you will start seeing positive changes coming in your memory power automatically, so follow these simple tips to strengthen your memory power. And yes, show the way out of the brain to the stress for no reason.

So friends, our purpose of writing an article like this is just that. To be physically, mentally and emotionally strong. So that you do not have to face any problems in achieving your target. And even if trouble comes, you can deal with it in a better way and not give up. So we hope that now how to increase your memory power? How to Improve Memory Power ? Would have also come to know about this and this information would have helped you a lot.