How to hide Photo in Calculator?

How to hide Photo in Calculator: Hello friends, today we will know through this post that how to hide photo in calculator. If you will learn to hide photos in a very easy way, then let’s start friends. 

You all must know that in today’s era, how much the user of the phone has read, security in android phone is rarely available in the phone, due to which people have started being very cautious about the security, due to which we are also worried about the security of our phone. Keep it at high level. Which no user can see the hidden things in our phone.

How to hide Photo in Calculator

Because of which, keeping in mind our security in the market, many security apps have been launched on the play store for our use, with the help of which everyone can download their required photo, video, audio, documents, notes, file manager from the people. keep safe.

In today’s time, you will find many such calculator apps available on the play store, which have been launched for us keeping in mind our security, which we can save all the things we need, photos, videos, and other types of things. Huh. Which even the person using our phone cannot know that the calculator we have has saved the photo, video, audio.

Often it happens to us who do not want to show photo video audio to people, yet forcefully friends take away the phone, because of which they do not feel good asking and even without wanting to go to the gallery of the phone, they fulfill all their needs. We see photos, videos, audios, because of which we feel embarrassed in front of our friends.

Sometimes when you go to your phone in the hands of such a person, if they see hide app lock in your phone, then different ideas will keep coming in their mind and they will ask you to open the app lock, then you will not be able to agree. In such a situation, we see all our hidden photos, videos and many other things, after which there is a lot of guilt.

So keeping this in mind, we have brought such an app for you, which you can use for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, as well as photo video, audio, documents, notes, file manager of your needs in it. You can save all this and keep it, which will not have any problem. How to hide Photo in Calculator?

Now even if your phone is used by any person, they will not be able to see our hidden things, if they go to that app even by mistake, then they will think that there is a calculator app for addition and subtraction, but you will know that there are security apps along with addition and subtraction. . So let’s know how to use aap.

Calculator lock Calculator App

Now let’s talk about the quality of this applications app, what future has been given in this app, which we all can use, I am going to give you information in an easy way. Keep following step by step with us and learn to use.

This Applications app is very popular on the play store, it was released on the play store on May 11, 2021, so far it has been downloaded by more than 10 million people, the public star is 4.6, from this you can guess. How useful will this app prove to be for you. How to hide Photo in Calculator?

This applications app provides you the future of saving everything related to photo, video, audio, documents, file manager, notes in this app, this app will give you a lot of security separately, which you can use easily.

In this app, a separate file was created for everything, photo, video, audio, documents, file manager, notes were given a separate file, after learning about this app, there should be no problem in seeing any hidden thing. Nowadays people use this type of app a lot. So let’s get started.

How to hide photo in Calculator?

First of all, download this applications app in your android phone, whose link you will find below. If you will not be able to download from here, then many such apps will be available on the play store. How to hide Photo in Calculator?

 Which will be very difficult to download. If you click on the link from here, then it will be very easy to download and you can download in less MB (Data).

Step 1. On opening this app, some such option will come, in this you have to select your language, you have to select any language and click on confirm.

Step 2. After clicking on it, you will see this type of option. In this you will get the option to set your password, you have to click on ok.

Step 3. After that you will have the option to enter the password, in this you have to enter the 4 digit password which you always remember, after that you have to click on the icon below.

Step 4. After that you will get the option of select security question, in this you have been given the option to select, you have to give the answer related to that below, then you have to click on confirm below. How to hide Photo in Calculator?

Step 5. After that this app will check whether you have given the answer right or wrong, after that it will give you the option to click on Got it, click on it.

 Step 6. Now you will be given the option to hide the photo, if you click on the gallery, then the option of all the photos will come and click on it.

Step 7. Now you will see the option of select photos to hide, you have to click on the plus below. Now you have to select the photo, after that click on hide file, your photo will be removed from the gallery and will be hidden in the calculator app like this.

Step 8. Now you have to click on the video, audio, Notes, documents, file manager, whatever you want to hide and click on plus, the option to hide will come and you can hide it by clicking.

How to recover deleted photo or video from Calculator?

If anything hidden in your calculator gets deleted unknowingly, sometimes it happens with us, we want to delete another photo or video, but by mistake some other important thing gets deleted, in such a situation, we are quite Keep getting worried to get that thing back, so friends, how can we recover you in a very easy way, let us know below. How to hide Photo in Calculator?

Step 1. First of all, you have to open the calculator app, after that add the same password which was entered.

Step 2. After that you will get to see this type of page, you have to go down and click on the Recycler Bin option.

Step 3. After that it will take some time to load, after that you will see all the deleted photos or videos here.

Step 4. Now you have to select all those photos and click on Restore, the entire deleted photo recovery will be done.

In this way your step will be completed. Now you can use this app by hiding any type of need in this applications app without any hassle.


So friends, you have seen how easy it is to hide any image in the calculator. If you liked this post, then do share it with your friends so that they too can hide their private image.

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