How to earn 1 lac rupees every month in India?

Earning 1 Lac per month is not very difficult nowadays. Even many people earn 1 Lac per day. To achieve this goal you need a set of skills and ideas to start your journey to become the next entrepreneur. In this article, I will suggest to you some business ideas to start with a high potential of earning Rs 1 Lac per month.

How To Earn 1 Lac Every Month?

Some of these listed businesses are undervalued. People take them as low-class business and think they are not profitable enough.

How to earn 1 lac rupees every month in India

I don’t know why they think that your aim is just to make money. If your real aim is to earn money then it is good to start with whatever you can, no matter how small. Try not to overshoot in the beginning. These are all business ideas that are great to start with. Some of them are with investment, others without investment.

There are ways for businesses to earn 1 Lac per month. No job can help you reach this milestone of earning 1 Lac per month unless you are an IITian. I have not explained every business incomplete details, you can google for more details. Still I tried to explain to some extent.

1: Food Truck: Earn Rs 1 Lac Every Month

Food truck business is becoming very popular among young entrepreneurs. This is an on-wheel restaurant, you don’t need property to build your restaurant, so you’ve saved some money.

Food truck is an investment business, you need to invest in something to start it. So, buy a truck and start your own food truck business. For this you need a vehicle license and a written document signed by a municipal body.

Requirements for a food truck business:

requirements Description/Cost
Need Vehicle (Truck), Driving License, FSSAI License
Device Stoves, utensils, cooking utensils, other raw materials etc.
cost of truck At least 8 to 10 Lacs and fully equipped up to 20 Lacs.
place You can sell anywhere, but for a stable location, you need to get permission from the authority.
staff You need a chef and 1 to 2 servants.
earning More than 1 Lac per month.

You can easily earn 1 Lac per month from this type of business after some settlement. But you need to invest with food truck business first. You can generate up to 30000 sales per day by providing all type of catering service. And your monthly earning can be more than 2 Lacs per month.

This business is quite successful in western countries. Also in India, it has a high potential to grow as the government allows this type of business in India as well. Hyderabad and Mumbai already have these types of food trucks which are booming. It totally depends on your sales. Food truck business also has the potential to earn 1 Lac daily.

Start Your Salon: Great Way To Earn 1 Lac Per Month

Until people stop growing their hair, this business never ends. Nobody likes to look ugly. Her hair and face add to her beauty. So how can they stop caring for them?

Anyone can start this business with low investment. But they have to learn how to do beauty treatments and cut their own hair. For this a barber and license is required. Salon demands skill and passion. If you are really interested in this business and have passion for it. This will be the best business of your life.

The services provided by the salon are-

  • Haircutting, coloring and styling
  • Waxing and other forms of hair removal
  • Nail treatment
  • Facial and skincare treatment
  • tanning
  • massage
  • other complementary care such as aromatherapy

You don’t need to be an expert in every one of these. One thing to focus on in the beginning, as you progress, then start adding more services to your salon business. It is a bit expensive business to start, but the returns are great. You can easily earn 1 Lac per month from the salon.

Requirement for hair salon business:

Requirements Description/Cost
Investment From Rs 2 Lac to Rs 5 Lac.
Need Barber License (for cutting hair only), Cosmetology License (for more beauty treatments)
Other Hair Salon Equipment and Supplies Salon chairs, mirrors, shampoo bowls, dryers, scissors, razors, electric styling tools, towels, haircutting capes, brushes, combs, spray bottles, electric styling tools, hand mirrors hair coloring instruments, and more.
place Have 150 square feet of workspace per hairstylist.
Staff Receptionists, one to two hairstylists, and a code of uniforms.
earning 1 Lac to 10 Lac

Every type of business needs a plan to get results in the first attempt. Hair salon businesses are growing rapidly and competition is increasing. So always choose a place where it is needed. If the investment in the hair salon business is high, then there is a possibility of earning even more.

Many salon owners earn 1 Lac rupees every month from this hair salon business. And many people are earning from 10 Lacs to crores.

Drop-Shipping: Earn 1 Lac Per Month Online

Until you can make the next Flipkart or Amazon. Then work under them until you create your own. This is a great way to earn 1 Lac per month online. Dropshipping is an extremely popular business among many entrepreneurs. Everyone can start this business with a small investment of minimum Rs 10,000.

The big advantage of this business is that you do not need to worry about inventory and management of stocks. You can start this business from home with just an internet connection and a laptop.

This is how dropshipping business works-

You start an online eCommerce store or pay-per-month business website and list all the products from a store like Shopify. Whenever someone makes a purchase from your store, the order is routed to the supplier, so the supplier ships the item directly to your store name.

  • start an ecommerce store
  • When someone makes a purchase, the order is handled by the supplier.
  • The supplier distributes the product under your brand name.
  • Always go with Shopify. It provides an easy-to-use dashboard for every business owner with a lot of flexibility to improve your business.

Requirement for drop shipping business-

Requirements Description/Cost
Select Niche Choose a category you are interested in. A half-finished topic can easily distract you from your work.
check your competition Always find a location with less competition. In the beginning it becomes difficult to sell your product due to heavy competition.
create ecommerce website Build your website. Select Shopify Store. It is inbuilt with lots of apps and tools to make your work easier.
Investment As low as Rs 20,000.
earning Once you are successful, you can generate sales of more than 10 Lacs per month.

Drop-shipping businesses operate in much the same way as Flipkart and Amazon. Earnings from this business vary depending on how much you sell. With drop shipping, you can easily earn 1 Lac per month online and more.

Start Freelance Copywriting: Earn 1 Lac Per Month Online

Freelance copywriting is the best job to earn six digit income. You can easily earn 1 Lac per month online with Freelance copywriting business. Freelancers are those who write web copy, sales copy, blog posts and articles for magazines. You don’t need a college degree to start copywriting. But starting a six-figure copywriting business requires writing and fluent English language skills.

Copywriters make money per word they write or they have a premium plan to write 1000 words for $100 dollars, this way. If you are fluent in English language then you can start freelancing today. Fiverr and Upwork are websites where you can work as a freelancer. Also read Pay Per Month Business Websites for more information.

Apart from this, you can also start your own business with a team of members. Copywriters write sales copy for websites or brands to increase their sales. Not only should every copywriter have the ability to write but also have knowledge about marketing and SEO.

Requirement for freelancing business:

Requirements Description/Cost
Need fluent english language
for business or job Bachelor’s degree in English, plus experience. Take a copywriting course or learn from your mentor.
additional requirement Knowledge about Marketing and SEO.
Investment Little or no investment.
earning 50,000 per month

Earning depends on your efficiency, and how much work you do in minimum time. You can easily earn 50,000 to 1 Lac per month in India.

Website and Application Development Business

The website development business is also expanding very rapidly. Internet users are increasing and they now shop more online than offline. Many companies are coming in the business of online selling. They need a beautiful website to engage the users to make more sales of their product. The demand for web developers is increasing like a shot.

This business also has some competition in some areas, but not all. Competition is due to the language used in building websites that are easy to learn. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Jquery are the main languages ​​of web development. If you are interested in building a website and you already know these languages ​​then good, otherwise learning it is a good idea.

Creating a website alone will not fetch you 1 Lac per month, but with more knowledge of languages ​​like Java and C++ you are good to go. Because now you can expand your business by creating apps for Android and iOS. You can start this business with your friends.

With knowledge of both web development and app development, you can double your chances of earning more income. And when you have a team of members, your workload is also reduced. You can easily earn one Lac per month from this business in India.

Requirement for website and application development business:

Requirements Description/Cost
necessary Knowledge of HTML, CSS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY.
Device Laptop, internet connection.
crew There should be a team to ease your burden.
Investment On building your office.
earning With the information of both, you can easily earn 1 Lac per month.

printed t-shirt business

Printed T-shirt business means to print images, text, quotes or other creative things on T-shirts. This is a hugely successful business, but don’t fall for the money at first sight. It takes time to establish itself. Starting this business requires investment but it has the potential to make you the next entrepreneur.

Income varies on your efforts to sell your product. And the power of your products?

This is the best way to earn 1 Lac per month in India without any hassle.

Requirement for Printed T-Shirt Business:

Requirements Description/Cost
Need Heat Press Machine.
Device Office or shop, employee.
Investment 2 to 5 Lacs
earning 1 Lac per month and above.

Fitness Center: Easily Earn 1 Lac Per Month

Starting a fitness center is not a difficult task. On the other hand, it is also not a cheap business to start. This requires space for setting up your fitness center and many other accessories like dumbbells, machines, treadmills, etc. In addition, some fitness centers provide protein powders for their clients. So it is also necessary to provide if you want to compete with others.

The cost of a multi-functional gym can go up to Rs 5, 00,000-10, 00,000. But this is the first lump sum investment. After six months you will need to repair or grease the machines to keep them working properly. This is a good business to earn Rs 50,000 to 1 Lac per month in India. But for this, a gym trainer is also needed to train people. If you can deal with gym tarring on your own, it means you can become a gym trainer too. Then it is a good thing to earn more by charging for it.

People are more conscious about their health nowadays. This is a great business to do if your city doesn’t have a professional gym yet.

Requirement for fitness center business:

Requirements Description/Cost
Device Treadmills, rowing machines, rods, dumbbells and many more.
place For commercial gyms and professionals 2000 square feet of space, this varies and depends on the equipment.
recognized certificate Not overly important for a small gym. But if you are also training then it is essential.
Investment Rs. 5, 00,000-10, 00,000
earning 50,000 to 2 Lac per month.

healthy fast food business

Healthy fast food means healthy stew food. Nowadays people are more curious about their health. He always wanted to eat fresh and according to his diet plan. But they are already used to eating a lot of spices and junk food. You can start this business and provide them healthy food as per their diet plan. With this they can also become your permanent customers.

They want fast food and spices in their food. To know how you can provide it to them without removing the flavor from the food they use. With this type of business, you can easily earn from one Lac per month to 2 Lac per month easily.

Requirement for healthy fast food business:

Requirements Description/Cost
space requirement 1000 sq ft.
Device Chairs, tables, reception area.
Staff Chef, Serving Staff, Waiter, Cleaner
Investment 5 Lac or more (excluding cost of place)
earning Depends on the size of the restaurant.

SOA (Sell On Amazon): Low Investment Idea In India

If you have a product to sell, whether it’s a computer part you made or a book. You can sell it for free on Amazon. You can sell any type of product on Amazon including automotive, baby products, batteries, beauty, books, consumables, consumer electronics and many more.

You don’t even need your own website, Amazon will do everything once your product is listed on it. Listing is free on Amazon charge, Amazon only charges when someone makes a purchase. You can even ship your own product yourself, otherwise, Amazon even has this feature to do it for you for a small fee.

How to get started with Amazon Business?

  • First, register yourself on Amazon using this details
  • Details of your business.
  • Your contact details – email and phone number
  • Basic information about your business.
  • Tax registration details (PAN and GST). GST details are mandatory if you are listing taxable goods and need to be provided at the time of registration.

Here’s how it works

  • After verifying all your business details.
  • List your product on Amazon
  • When you make some purchases, you earn.
  • Amazon transfers the amount to your account after deducting their fees.

The requirement to sell on Amazon:

Requirements Description/Cost
Need business details, personal details
listing your product Product listing is free on Amazon
charge 2 to 3% plus delivery charges if applicable.
Investment getting started is free
earning maximum of 1 Lac

You can easily earn 1 Lac per month in India by becoming an Amazon reseller.


These are all businesses that are capable of making you rich in a short period of time. Some of these are with investment and some are without investment.

You can start any of this business and earn 1 Lac rupees every month in India. I haven’t explained everything in detail, but have provided all links that can help you understand your business properly.

This is for now. If you find this interesting, please comment below. Also, comment about a business that I have not mentioned but is able to earn 1 Lac per month in India even online or offline.