How Patientory Solves Pandemic-Era Problems

“I lost faith in the Italian system,” he said, explaining why he had brought Ethan to Israel. He was worried, he said, that he would not be able to communicate directly with the judges and that Ethan would not have a say in him.

Ethan is doing well in Israel, he said.

“Now that he’s here, he sleeps next to me and touches my hand, you know, all night long. He will not let her go,” said Pak Peleg. “He was very happy”

Roberta Saachi, a Roma psychologist who often consults on custody, said the main reason the trial was created after both parents died was “to make sure the child was not under surveillance prior to the incident”. Quality of life remains stable. “As far as you can go.”

Moving can be painful for a child, and “the tendency is not to exclude a child from certain routines,” he said, adding that courts need to assess whether the child is in school or from relatives. He has strong connections.

In the case of Eaton, who did not seek advice, the Turin judge who detained Biran followed “this principle,” he said when the boy attended school in Italy and lived there.

Ms. Biran said that his family and Ethan lived close together, and that Ethan and Emilia, one of Ms. Biran, went to preschool together. He had to go to elementary school with his cousin in Italy last week.

But none of this can be a problem for Israeli courts.

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