How Did Tesla Post Record Q3 Deliveries Despite The Chip Shortage?

Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) announced solid deliveries in the third quarter of 2021 last weekend, shipping a record 241,300 vehicles in the quarter, up 20% from a year ago. He gave an example, their number increased by about 73 units. %. The impressive numbers show that Tesla can tackle significant supply chain issues that affect the entire auto industry. Even Toyota, which has the fattest supply chain in the auto business, had to cut global car production by 40% in September due to a global semiconductor shortage. So how did Tesla propose it against all odds? There are three main reasons.

First, Tesla is focusing on high-end vehicles with near 26% gross margins in the second quarter of 2021, with no regulated credit sales, but when room for big cars and trucks. That’s less than 10%. [1] This allows semiconductor companies to prioritize higher quality players, putting them in a better position to secure supply. The same is true in the consumer electronics space, where the victorious Apple manages chip shipments much better than in any other industry.

The current shortage of chips in the automotive sector is largely due to the latest semiconductor manufacturers with more modern technology than the proven older chips (often 40 nanometers and higher technology units) used by automotive manufacturers. This is because the production capacity is transferred to the chipset. Tesla’s more modern car architecture may have helped us adapt more quickly to the current situation. Tesla’s solid software engineering skills also help. In the second quarter of 2021, Tesla said it could buy alternative chips and export updated software to put in cars in a matter of weeks. [2] This may not be something mass-market automakers can do easily.

Tesla’s China business could also play an important role in deliveries this quarter. Electric car sales in China are booming, and Chinese gamblers seem to have less of a problem securing chips. China’s leading electric car suppliers Nio and Li Auto, for example, reported annual growth of 100% or current totals in the third quarter of 2021. Production capacity. That might help the company.

Tesla shares held up well, posting returns of around 4% compared to the S&P 500, which was down nearly 4% despite market sales picking up last month. So, will Tesla’s inventory increase in the short term or will it likely decline? According to machine learning machine Trefis, Tesla’s share price could rise 61% over the next month. See Analytics to Boost Tesla’s Chances for more information.

That said, Tesla’s stock is trading at around $560 per share, about $560 from its current market price, amid concerns over increasing competition for electric vehicles with mass automakers, rising inflation, and rising interest rates. 30% discount. Valuation of high growth stocks. Check Tesla rating analysis: Expensive or cheap

[09/29/2021] Tesla shares held back despite the sold-out market. What is next?

Tesla shares were down about 1.7% in Tuesday’s trading while the Nasdaq 100 was down nearly 3% on higher bond yields and a fall in the US consumer confidence index. Tesla is typically more sensitive to market downturns, high multiples, and high stock growth, but is more resilient due to current volatility. In fact, Tesla’s share price also rose about 5% last week (5 trading days) compared to the Nasdaq 100 which fell 2% in the same period. Inventories are also up about 9% since last month. Tesla plans to report shipments for the third quarter of 2021 in early October, and the company has set a relatively consistent new quarterly delivery record, so investors can expect a strong next quarter. There’s sex. According to an Electrek report, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has indicated to employees that September is likely to be Tesla’s “crazy delivery month.” The outlook is for Tesla to ship a record 201,250 vehicles in the second quarter of 2021, with a steady increase of 9% and an annual increase of around 130%.

Is Tesla’s stock ready to go up now? Based on an analysis of machine learning stock price trends over the past decade, there is a 63% chance that TSLA’s stock price will rise in the next month (21 trading days). See Tesla’s space analysis for improvements. Additional information.