How a Vaccine Mandate Could Worsen a Shortage of Home Care Aides

JASA, an organization serving seniors in New York, said staff were in a rush to get vaccinated this week after the full publicity. Of the 660 home care workers, about 94% had been vaccinated, according to the organization’s director Catherine Haslanger, compared with 20% who had provided evidence in August. Five people have quit.

The vaccination deadline for this week is set by the Department of Health Emergency Ordinance August 26 for accredited home care facilities, long-term home care programs, hospitals, and adult health facilities.

Status of vaccination requirements in the US
Vaccination regulations. On August 23, the FDA granted full approval of Pfizer BioNTech’s coronavirus vaccine to people over the age of 16, paving the way for mandatory use in the public and private sectors. .. Such obligations are legally permitted and enforced by the courts.
University. More than 400 universities require vaccination against Covid-19. Nearly all of them were in the states that elected President Biden.
School. California became the first state to require all teachers to be vaccinated and announced plans to add a Covid-19 vaccine as a requirement for school attendance. This could start as early as next fall. Los Angeles is required to vaccinate public school students over the age of 12 starting November 21. The New York faculty and staff commitments, which took effect on October 4 after delays due to legal issues, appear to have led to thousands of runtimes. -Minute shot.
Hospitals and health centers: Many hospitals and large health systems require employees to be vaccinated. The commitment of health workers in California and New York appears to have forced thousands of inmates to be vaccinated.
Indoor Activities: In New York, workers and customers are required to demonstrate that they have used Covid-19 at least once for indoor dining, gyms, entertainment and performances. Since November 4 in Los Angeles, one of the most stringent vaccination regulations in the United States, most people have been fully vaccinated to enter a variety of indoor businesses such as restaurants, gyms, museums, movie theaters, and salons. You have to provide evidence.
At the federal level. On September 9, President Biden announced mandatory vaccination for most federal employees. This mission applies to employees of the White House and government agencies, including all federal and military officials.
it is the private sector. Biden requires all companies with 100+ employees to require weekly vaccinations or testing to support the company’s new vaccination policy. Several companies such as United Airlines and Tyson Foods were in debt before Biden’s announcement.