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WASHINGTON – Republican leader Mitch McConnell warned President Biden on Friday that he would stop doing this a day after the party blockade was lifted and measures to temporarily raise the national debt ceiling were approved. Relive the first threat. Federal government failure for December.

On a telephone conversation with Mr Biden, Mr McConnell struggled to get the votes needed to cut his party’s filibuster against raising the debt ceiling and decided to do so, but Democrats will do so in the future. He says he should not expect such help. He was briefed on the conversation, according to a Senate Republican adviser.

“I will not participate in future efforts to reduce the impact of bad governance,” McConnell wrote in a bittersweet letter, saying he told the president by telephone. “Your aide on Capitol Hill now has time to say he doesn’t have the ability to limit debt.”

The Senate passed a bill on Thursday to increase the legal limit on federal borrowing by $480 billion, and the Treasury Department said it would take at least December 3. Republicans suddenly opposed it, but 11 people, including Mr. McConnell, beat him. It was rated to provide the 60 votes needed to move it beyond the filibuster.

The bill will be passed by the House of Representatives next week, days before the Oct. 18 deadline, when the Treasury says it can no longer be borrowed to meet its obligations under the current law.

McConnell agreed to allow a vote to raise the debt ceiling after insisting for weeks that former President Donald J. Trump and some of his Republican colleagues would never do so. He was criticized. He did so under the threat of national bankruptcy and combined with the idea of ​​changing the filibuster rules so Democrats could unilaterally increase their credit limits.

The letter the aide sent to all Republican senators seemed to at least partially ease the anger of his colleagues.

McConnell said Democrats would use a complex and esoteric budgeting process called reconciliation to raise the debt limit, protect them from filibusters, and allow them to pass without a Republican vote. Democrats already using the process to move forward on a huge multi-trillion-dollar domestic package have declined as it is too time-consuming and time-consuming.

Republican leaders argued this week that advancing short-term growth requires a democratic bluff and have given enough time to use the deal to develop long-term solutions. ..

But the Republicans kept barking, and the Führer had to crawl for hours to vote. Hoping to win a political point against the Democrats with debt-limiting drama, it was a daunting turn for Republicans, who were sharply divided.

South Carolina Republican Senator Lindsey Graham said Thursday, “I don’t understand why you’re giving up here.” “It was just a mistake.”

Democrats cited McConnell’s move as evidence that Republicans can and should, at least through normal procedures, increase their debt ceiling.

In a speech Thursday insulting many Republicans, Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, a New York Senator, declared victory.

“Today’s vote proves that debt constraints can be overcome without a settlement process, as Democrats have been saying for months,” Sumer said. “The decision is whether Republicans get involved in raising the debt ceiling or let the Democrats handle the debt brakes.

McConnell captured Sumer’s comments in his letter, calling it a “partisan, angry, scathing” speech, which is another reason to give up the Republican vote in the months to come.

“That childish move only gets the Republicans who are helping to promote this short-term patch even further,” McConnell wrote. “He also poisoned the well.”