Hochul Locks Up Key Support as Letitia James Begins Statewide Tour

“Kathy Hokul is doing a great job as governor and hopes to succeed, but I think things have to get a little better,” said Sae Yamamoto, chair of the Westchester County Democratic Commission. said Burger. “The Attorney General, who is also a great elected official, needs the opportunity and space to make the best decisions for himself and the country.”

Other Democrats have publicly criticized Jacobs’ move to interfere in the primaries, particularly early in the race, but several other comparisons have been made of late. Cuomo had been in office for 10 years before party officials urged Governor David A. Patterson not to seek maturity after taking over from disgraceful former Governor Elliott Spitzer.

In a statement, Williams said that Jacobs’ role should be, “and the role of the highest democratic leaders in our country is to promote democratic candidates, democratic voters, and democratic values”. He. ”

Williams also mentions the longstanding alliance between Jacobs and Cuomo. Cuomo released another statement Monday that pierced the independent investigation into his behavior released by James’ office. The former governor complained, “This is not New York at its best.” There has been much speculation as to whether Mr Cuomo (whose resignation speech also defended his legacy) will seek to invest real money to intervene in the race.

Jacobs said he gave Cuomo a vote for approval, among other things. It’s a statement that got attention on Monday.

“I wasn’t involved, I wasn’t,” Hokul said when asked about Jacobs’ decision to hire Cuomo. “I’m proud to have the support of Jay Jacobs, Rich Shaffer and others who want to stand behind me, but they’re not my focus. I know.”

And when asked about Mr. Cuomo, he replied, “I’m very busy running New York and I’m not worried about emails being written by people.”

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