harshal patel running celebration after hat-trick against mumbai indians in ipl 39 match & virat kohli reacts

Harshal Patel after hat-trick: Watch the video where Harshal Patel runs after hat-trick against Mumbai Indians in IPL 39 match

The Royal Challengers Bangalore team led by Virat Kohli recorded its first win in the UAE at IPL 2021 on Sunday. This victory was dominated by RCB’s Harshal Patel who spent a total of 4 weeks, including a hat-trick.

Harshall became the third RCB bowler to score a hat-trick in the IPL and 17th overall. Harshall, owner of the purple hat, took four tickets for 17 tracks. RCB beat Mumbai Indian champions five times with 54 titles.

Captain Virat Collie’s 51st year was followed by a Glenn Maxwell combo (56 tracks) for half a century as RCB scored 165 for six. Maxwell also took two wickets in the bowling alley. He was recognized as a gamer.

In the 17th round, Harshal scored three goals in three consecutive balls.
When the Mumbai Indians needed 61 titles to win the last 4 overs, they were versatile players like Hardick Pandya and Kieran Pollard. In the first three balls of 17 over the Mumbai inning, 30-year-old Harshal Patel completed his first IPL hat-trick, releasing Pandia, Pollard and Rahul Chahar.

Harshal and Virat started running on the field as soon as they completed the hat trick
Harshal Patel Celebration registered for a hat trick! Captain Virat Koli also joined in on the fun with Patel and he also started hunting for a quick bowling catch. However, Collie then catches Patel and both players express their joy in their own way. Harshal and Kohli’s holiday video went viral on social media at that time.

Team Mumbai was reduced to 111 tracks for 18.1 oats.
The defending champions Mumbai Indians (RCB vs. MI) were reduced to 111 tracks with 18.1 overs. Interestingly, in the first game of this IPL season in India, Patel has won 5 portals against Mumbai India. With this win, RCB collected 12 points and remained in third place. India Mumbai slumped to 7th place after this defeat.