Kuala Lumpur: All secondary schools except states that are still in the first phase of the National Recovery Plan (PPN) are eligible to resume operations, but the facility is only open to fully vaccinated individuals.

This information is contained in the update of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) issued by the National Security Council (MKN) which was uploaded in the official MKN telegram.

Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Seri Ahmed Faizal Azumu, who shared the news on Twitter, reminded all countries to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

“The fitness studio is open. Please pay attention to the SOP, especially the ventilation instructions. Enjoy healthy life! He said in an updated MKN infographic exchange Friday.

According to the SOP, all indoor sports and recreation facilities can be operated in the second and third stages of VAT with 50% utilization and under strict supervision.

To include managers and operational staff for the second stage and 80% of the employees for the third stage, attendance must not exceed 60% of the workforce.

Only fully vaccinated persons are allowed to use the facilities and are allowed to bring their children under the age of 17 to the activity in strict compliance with SOPs.

The opening of all public outdoor and indoor sports and recreation facilities requires approval from the local authority (PBT) or the responsible authority.

Meanwhile, in accordance with the fourth phase of VAT, all commercial sports and recreational facilities can be utilized optimally in terms of customer and employee attendance.

Working hours are subject to approval, the operation of public sports and recreation facilities in phase four also requires approval from the city government and the responsible authorities.

In the VAT Phase I area, all indoor sports and recreation facilities except the gym and fitness center can be used up to 50% under strict supervision.

Staff attendance must not exceed 60% of all management and operational staff. – Barnam

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