Google Money Kaise Kamata Hai? (How does Google make money?)

Do you know how to earn money from Google? If you do not know from where Google gets money. So through today’s post I will tell you how Google earns?

Hello friends, welcome to you in our new post today, today I am going to tell you about a search engine that earns money, which is used by the whole world today, friends, today I will tell you about Google that Google Paisa Kaise Kamata Hai?

Google Money Kaise Kamata Hai
Google Money Kaise Kamata Hai

Who does not know about Google today. Now even children know how to use Google. You all know that Google is the biggest search engine in the whole world, it is absolutely free, but you can download answers to almost your questions, movies, songs, photos, etc. by reading, listening and watching.

That too for free without giving any money but one thing must have come in your mind that after all Google Paisa Kamata Hai? Today I will tell you all the information related to earning money from Google with the help of this post. So let’s start without any further delay.

Google Money Kaise Kamata Hai? (How does Google make money)

Talking about earning money of Google, Google itself says that all my money comes from advertisements. If we talk about advertising, then 96% of Google’s earnings come from this. And there is a lot of truth in that too.

Google uses some of its own channels to broadcast its advertising. Like – as Adwords, AdSense, Play Store, Android, Google Map, Google Cloud and many more Business Models from which they earn money.

As I have told you the means of earning some of Google. I will tell you one thing about how Google earns money from all these things.

How does Google earn money from Android?

Google earns money from Android as well, it does not go unnoticed but Android is a huge part of Google’s earnings. Because today almost all phones have Android system. Except some companies like Apple, Samsung, Oneplus, you will be surprised to know that Google gives thousands of crores of rupees to Apple, Samsung every year so that Google search engine remains in this phone.

You all know that Google has bought Androids. That is why Google does not have to give a large part of its earnings to Android. And 70 to 75% of Google’s traffic (views) comes from Android only. If Google did not buy Android, then Google would have to pay thousands of crores of rupees to Android every year.

How does Google earn money from Adsense?

Adsense is a Web Bead Application of Google. With the help of this, bloggers (website owners) app owners earn money by showing advertisements on their website and in the app. But in reality Google earns this money, a part of which is given to them. Whose website and app is used by Google to show ads.

If you want to earn money with the help of Google Adsense, then you can earn money with the help of Adsense by creating a website or making an app and bringing traffic (view) to it, but it is not that easy. If you are interested in this work then it can prove to be easy for you.

How Google earns money from Google Play Store?

We use Google play store to download apps, but do you know that Google charges $25 to keep these apps in Google play store, which is 1900 rupees in Indian rupees.

I mean to say that if you make an app and want to put it on play store, then for that you have to pay 25$ to Google, after that you can put your app in the list of play store. Many books, movies, are sold on the Play store, which if we buy, Google also keeps a part of it with itself.

How does Google earn money from Adwords?

Adwords is also known as Adsense. This is also a web related application. With its help, you can create your own advertisement and Google can also broadcast it on Youtube.

If I explain to you in easy language, then you can also show the same kind of advertisements that you see on Google and Youtube. For which Google takes some money from you. Google earns the most money in this way.

Mostly blogger and youtuber promote their youtube channel and website using it.

How does Google earn money from Google Map?

According to a report, more than 1 billion traffic comes on Google Map every single month. I mean to say that about 100 crore people use Google Map every month. Due to this user coming on Google Map, Google earns a lot.

Google earns money in two ways with the help of Google Map.

The first way is partnership. If you have ever ordered food online, you must have seen that it comes directly to your home from where you have booked the order.

This is possible because for this Swiggy, Zomato etc. reach you using your current location. And Google takes some money from them to share this information with them, which is the source of earning of Google Map because Google Map belongs to Google, so Google earns this money.

Another way is that Google earns money by promoting restaurants, hotels, hospitals, schools etc. in the map. You must have often seen that when you search a place in Google Map, then the details of shops, schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc. around it come down in the search results. Google takes some money from them to bring them up.

How does Google earn money from Google Cloud?

Google Cloud comes with many prodect like g suite, domains, hostings etc. All these are tools for professional business which companies use to run their business online. Google earns a lot from these too.


So friends, as you know Google Paisa Kamata Hai? If you liked knowing this, then do share this post with your friends so that they too can know how to earn money from Google.

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