Good news for Indians going to Canada & India-Canada direct flight will start

Canada Flight Update: India Canada resumes direct flights with Air Canada flights from Delhi – Good news for Indians departing for Canada, India-Canada direct flights are about to start

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    Canada lifts ban on direct flights from India after almost 5 months
  • Canada imposed restrictions in April amid coronavirus threat
  • Air Canada can start direct flights between the two countries from Monday
  • India’s state company Air India may start its flights on 30 September

There is great news for the thousands of Indians living in Canada. Canada lifted the ban on direct flights from India after about 5 months. Canada imposed the ban in April this year. At that time, India was battling the second wave of the coronavirus. Canada Air may launch direct flights between the two countries on Monday. At the same time, the Indian government company Air India can start its flights on September 30.

Transport Canada tweeted that direct flights from India will be able to land in Canada from 27 September. However, additional public safety measures need to be taken. He said travelers should submit a negative report of the RTPCR coronavirus test from a recognized laboratory at Delhi Airport. This report must be issued within 18 hours of the flight.

Travel recommendations from Canada
The Canadian Government Travel Council said passengers traveling to Canada must show the airline a lab-issued QR code report before boarding the plane. It states that those previously found to be crown positive must submit a positive report from a recognized laboratory. This sampling must be between 14 and 180 days from the planned departure to Canada.

Canada’s travel advisory also warns that airlines can ban passengers who don’t meet these requirements. Meanwhile, India’s Ottawa High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria welcomed the move, saying it was a major step towards normalizing air traffic between the two countries. He added that India is working with Canada to make it easier for Indians to travel.